As a person trying to live a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle - I want to ensure that I include my family as well.

We went on a family hike - 7 miles can you believe it?? The kiddos did amazing.

My baby girl makes me so proud that her and her brother enjoy doing the activities with us. They are all "geared" up for the hike.

Don't let the boy's face - fool you that he wasn't have a good time- he is a boy pictures are not the top on his list. - DO you see the hubs sporting the Advocare items!!! Funny story we went to a family function on Sunday and family that haven't seen us in a while said we are the vanishing couple - :).

There is the boy smiling. He was also happy to find a walking stick.

On this hiking day we went to Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park - there are several trails throughout the area and we did about 3 of them! Totaling 7 miles and for me a 746 calorie burn - woo hoo!!!

So be the example.
Set the example.
Be happy and healthy together.
A fit family!!!
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