Food, Food and more Food

On this journey to a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle I have found a new way of looking at things especially my food. Now if you remember my post before - I started this journey out as a one to lose weight and I used Weight Watchers (amazing tool). However, now I want more then just points I want to get to a place of as much HEALTHY and clean options as I can.

I am now on macro-nutrients and I am loving it. I didn't realize how much food "healthy" food I would be eating in a is crazy. When I first started this it I thought I wouldn't be able to eat well I can.

I will talk and share more about the system....or please comment/email me and I can help you more.

Here are a few of my latest creations and I love them.... They are kid, hubs and family approved.

again for all the play by play of food, fitness and family...go to momFITtingitallin on Instagram

This is strawberry, chicken wraps

Grill up chicken into small bite sizes.
Slice up tomatoes and strawberries
Scoop into lettuce wraps along with chicken and add feta cheese (I use low fat)
Drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar - kid and family approved 

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