My life has been going through ups and downs and the common notion is how you react to each one of those ups and downs on this journey we call life! 

One of the biggest things is keeping with my motto of happy and healthy 2014!! You can search the hashtag # on my Instagram momfittingitallin (shameless plug haha). 

Well with wanting and having a happy and healthy lifestyle you have to face the items you have locked away (typically for good reason) under your rug/closet/you name it. I have been facing my internal and external demons and believe that I am a better reason for it. Facing them has shown light on why I do this vs that. 

Also, golden rule time, when you are happy with yourself it seems that everything else falls into place. 

So mind body and soul happiness! 

My mind is on the mend which leads to my soul being healed! Now my health! I am working hard with a set of goals and I am praying for strength and longevity on this adventure. 

I started looking for something more...I found that in a lot of ways.

1. Thearpy - true believer 
2. Clean eating - a most and then it just feels like the only way to live
3. Advocare - I started with a 10-day cleanse and just enjoyed the product and the results!! Now I have become an advisor... Let me know if you want to learn more about weight loss, energy, performance and overall wellness! 
4. Boot camp and amazing trainers! I found a boot camp full of wonderful ladies that truly motivate me to strive for more. I found a trainer that is becoming a friend! She pushes my limits, encourages me and believes in me.

All of this is setting an example for my babies!! They even join me in my T25 workout sessions and this 10-day cleanse was encouraged by my wonderful hubs!! 

Well as I sign off tonight listening to the loud breathing of my husband and new puppy I sit in ahhhh that this is my life! 

Good night blog world!