Grandma I love you so much. I am sitting here praying for to be healthy, you to be happy, you to not hurt anymore.

You have been a strong woman my whole life and it makes my heart hurt to see you in pain.

So instead of seeing you in pain I am going to fill my head, my heart and my thoughts to the fun times! 

I can remember sitting between you and grandpa in that little tiny yellow Datsun - "helping" the pool business.

I can remember you swimming for hours wih me. 

I can remember dying like 1000 eggs for Easter and man was that a blast.

I can remember making you the worst coffee know to man because I wanted you up for Christmas morning.

I can remember you picking me up from kindergarten in our huge yellow bus/motor home.

I can remember you always strong always there always driving that big yellow Ford! 

I love you grandma! 

So grandma I love you - we love you! We are all praying on this.

Prayers of all kind our welcomed - our grandmother went into the hospital today and she is in the ccu. 

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