At this point in my life I am finding out I need to find peace. Peace in myself, peace in others, peace in this world of mine.

Romans 12:18 if possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone. 

Peace so how do I find it??? 

Right here....
Spending time with my family of 8. They make me smile, they make laugh, they make me feel true everlasting love - pure joy pure peace.

My inner peace quest is a tough one - especially for my all in all out personality. I can go from over the top happy to so sad in no time flat.

Another item that brings me peace is putting my country station up high and singing off key to Luke Bryan - that's my kind of party!

I am learning to embrace peace - admit that I want it and admit when I don't have it.

Shit getting older makes you think and appreciate stuff so much for.

So as I am listening to Luke right now and finishing this email I look forward to finding internal peace and maybe a night out to shake what I got!!! 

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