One month at a time

We haven't even opened presents yet or celebrated the new year BUT I am starting my resolution now. I am pinning a monthly workout plan. Each month I am going to dedicate myself to doing the exercises a minimum of 3 days a week plus my cardio (I am training for another 1/2 marathon so running is my number one cardio right now along with mixing it up in spinning class). 

So what is my resolution? 

To be the healthiest, fitest, happiest person I can be. 

Along those lines to be more specific is to stop fighting the same 10lbs ALWAYS! 
Firm up my tummy and arms - the ass can stay haha! 
Enjoy myself, be happy with myself! 

So if you are on Pinterest please join me on this journey! I will also find more healthy recipes And keep as true to clean eating as I can handle. On that note I believe that I should only cook one meal a night so it has to be kid and hubby approved! 

So here is to me going from the right to the left - tan is the new thin, right?....

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