I did it!!!

Well you might not have known but I have been training for my first ever 1/2 marathon. 

The idea of this is beyond what I can even think about. I was like "never" will I run/jog I can't stand that stuff - well once again that NEVER word bit me on the ass.

With training for this over the last few months I have come to enjoy jogging - I am not a runner yet... I enjoy being outside, I enjoy pounding the pavement (it is helpful with good friends, great music and cute workout clothes!!!) 

When I got this notion it went from jogging a little a week to ensuring I hit 50-60 miles a month to hey let's do a 1/2 marathon.

I found one local and all DiVAS!!! The only goal I set for myself was to finish it before the deadline of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

So as the morning of the big day approached and I got my set of our matching outfits on the nerves started kicking in.

 But no matter what I know I had to finish this race! 

This is my good friend and she has been with me since the beginning (and the only one who signed up). We were ready to go with our matching Duck Dynasty shirts (if you haven't seen that show please catch it on a&e).

Well as we started I was doing great the first several miles. I was enjoying myself and knew I could do this....however my nerves were getting me. My stomach was not doing well and it started affecting me. I kept going and going.

With each mile maker I just wanted it to end!! My legs and back were fine but I was ready to see that 13 mile marker! 

On mile 7 - my hubs and children made me so happy - they were on the route waving and sending encouragement! I love them! 

Back through 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and there was 13 THANK YOU lord!!! We picked up our pace and baby we made it! 

I made it!!! I crossed that finish line at 3:12:20 - and I am so happy with it! I finished !! (Now of course my brain goes to the next one and how I can improve).

So all in all I made it, we made it! It made me feel so excited and PROud of myself that I accomplished this! 

Look at my boys face!!! 
Look at the medal...

Now on to Etsy to find me some 13.1 items....

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