A break

After the 1/2 marathon and endless back pain the week before I have made myself take a week off (minus the 2 mile walk through the Christmas lights). It is giving me much needed rest. This week I have enjoyed a walk through the lights with my fam bam, a night with my mother getting our hair did, a dinner date with my hubs and kids, a night home on the couch watching shows and snuggling with my son. 

All in all I am happy with my decision to just be..... Mentally and physically I feel rested, stronger and ready to start my training once again. 

Yes I already signed up for the next 1/2 marathon! So excited to train harder and longer to beat my time. 

This time around I am focusing on steadiness long with endurance. I have already downloaded a 1/2 marathon training schedule - that starts Monday. Along with "runner" foods.

I have recruited another partner in this as well! Running with someone is one of the 10 amendments of runners (per Pinterest of course). 

So here is to rest then on to kicking my o ass. 

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