Not to get your - oh u r not fat compliments

Well blogger I seem to lean on you when I am down in the dumps.

I have been eating bad not pushing myself enough and not weighing myself. I know it's even worse when I don't count my points. Starting tomorrow I am back on it hard core. I swear I slip a little then all of a sudden the mountain slide starts- crap. 

Then I feel this is right around the corner....

The obesity era. 

I should not have had that ice cream today or the two yesterday - now I am back to my trusty golden spoon. I had several bits of Mac n cheese tomorrow I am back on mashed cauliflower 
 Now I realize this may be or look extreme to you but it is how I feel. I want to be healthy and yes cheat days are okay but in my life one slip equal a downside to being overweight.

If I want to get to my goal there can be no cheat days there has to be slow and consistent.

I want to weigh less
I want to be more active
I want to be thin 
I want to set healthy examples for my children 

Here is to me being better ( shit I post here because I think no one reads me anymore) haha 

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