Well as a mom trying to FIT it all in - I can't seem to fit this blog in at all. Why am I writing now? Well I am waiting in my car outside of a family party waiting for my phone to charge to at least 35% and thought hey what is up in blog land.

Since the last time we have shared life has been nothing short of FULL.

We have enjoyed many laughs, many cries, many vacations and work - oh please I am so slammed but ridiculously happy! 

The most amazing thing is the fact that I have two kids in school at the same school! 
Time is flying by. With my wonderful career I am able to live life with them more. We have been walking to school daily! 

The girl LOVeS school and is so happy to be in her brothers old class. The boy is sitting a group table with all girls - already the ladies man.

In the midst of the summer we also went to the river....

Life has been nothing less then an adventure.

Sneak in a trip to Chicago too...

Life is a blessing that I am learning to never take for granted.

So please bare with me when i come in and out of blog land. 

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