Emotional day

Today is going on day two of emotional crap! Just BS here and there and it finally gets to me. I know for a fact that I am an emotional eater and I enjoyed myself for the 2 minutes that I ate dark chocolate almond bark and sourdough bread (a trip to Tom's Farm will do that to you). 

Well tonight I decided to kiss my honey bunny and kiddos and left with my headphones and cellphone.

I got in a little over 6 miles and it felt great.
My mood was uplifted! I walk in the house to a hubby with a bottle of a water for me and a show I have never seem before Duck Dynasty! OMG I am addicted! Family ran company, wholesome faith, great morals, nice vehicles and crap the hottest wives ever!

The older I get the more I like hilarious no plot or story line shows - I want to sit down (when I get the rare chance) and laugh my ass off!

So I leave you tonight smelling a little bit but getting back to my ole self! 


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