Oh holy healthy with a side of fat

So this past weekend most of you saw on Instagram that we went on a vacation to Disneyland and it was incredible. If you have a chance to stay at the grand Californian hotel on the 6th floor please do - this is the ultimate way to go. You get all day food, early entry into both parks, nice rooms and access to heated pools and spas. The trip was relaxing and I enjoyed myself. - you can catch NOw time of my life on Instagram :) 

I felt that I walked so much - I was upset that I didn't get to the gym - it was only open from 6am to 8pm what crappy hours. Anyway I wanted to enjoy myself and I did - I returned home to starting my cycle and got on the scale I gained 1.4 lbs - not happy but not mad because I am already back to it. Note I did take my shakes on the trip. 

Well my wonderful husband guess what that man lost weight on vacation - wth??? He ate more then me, he drank and he ate tons of sweets argh men.

This just shows that we should always focus on our health - good food choices, exercise, being active and above all it is ok to cheat a little.

Well after being home a few days and getting back into the routine of life my brother sent me this wonderful picture of 8th grade picture day. 

It makes me want to cry.
It makes me want to ensure I am living a healthy lifestyle.
It makes me want to instill a great life for my kids.
It makes me want to pray that my kids never look back at a fat photo.
Being heavy for a majority of my life is an awful feeling.
Being healthy for the last 6 years is so worth it. 

I am happy.
I am healthy.
I am setting a good example for my family.
I am doing the right thing.
I am continuing with this life.
I am ensuring that we are a healthy family.
I am ME.

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