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On my way home from work today I decided I need to step up my exercise routine. I need to join something that kicks my ass. I drove by a few boot camp locations that I have seen before but nothing grabbed me. My SIL owns her own gym and boot camp but it is so far for me :( - so I am on the look out for something new. I saw a bunch of girls meeting at the local park so I think tomorrow I am going to head down there and get some information - but of course I can not see around and wait.

I started googling local boot camps and ran across a nice group in the MEET UP app. I asked to join (awaiting approval) but I saw they had a walk/jog tonight. I headed out there anyway. The event stated 6:15 and I was a little early. I waited around until close to 6:30 but no one came. I didn't want to waste away my time so I brought out my Couch 2 5k and started it up. The wind was blowing, tears were flowing (my eyes are super sensitive) and my music was pumping and off I went. The trail is pretty nice and busy and well lighted.

As I was racing back from my 1/2 way point it hit me and it hit me hard - I HAD TO PEE soooooo bad. It got so bad I had the notion to soak myself with my water bottle and pee my pants - luckily I didn't have to do that. The building came into view and I literally prayed to GOD that I wouldn't pee my pants. I RAN faster then I have ever ran before straight into the bathroom. I threw my phone and water bottle and just had enough time to pull down my pants - HOLY HELL thank you LORD I made it.

As I walked back to my car I felt very good about my run and can't wait to do it again. I can tell that my endurance is getting better and my breathing not like a large dog.

Not only am I trying to join a walking/woman's group I actually reached out to  a mom I meet in my son's class and we will start walking together weekly as well. I will add weights and off we go - socializing/making new friends and exercise.

Well I am off to finish my workout because 30 minutes on the C25k isn't enough - ask my trainer of a SIL.

Until next time.....
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