Letter to the 21 me


Dear 21 -

Enjoy being young.
Enjoy being in college.
Enjoy being free of real responsibility
Enjoy being 21 - go drink - go party - don't worry about not sleeping.
Say yes more.
Say no to marriage

To be able to be a young adult - you get this time  period one time take it and run with it.

enjoy that you only have a dog to take are of.
Be carefree
Be young while you can .
Lose weight
Grow out your hAir
Don't be a bitch
Catch you in 12 years

The older wiser you!

As I write this I just think - dang i grow up so fast. Always wanting to be an adult. Always wanting the  next thing.

I hope that my kids enjoy being kids - free.

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  1. "Don't be a bitch."-- yeah, I need that reminder too! :)

  2. lol the "dont be a bitch" was the perfect way to top it off - made me laugh!
    coming over from the link up - im new around your blog! :)


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