Why do I workout???

Tonight while I was waiting for our son to finish his dinner - an hour people argh - I thought I would start on my exercise routine. While I was doing my arms and abs he asked, " Mom why do you workout?"

I told him it was so we are healthy and fit so we can live a long life. BUT really I workout for more then that.

I workout to be thin (being fat for most of my life this is important to me)
I workout to be able to walk in any store and try and buy what I want
I workout so on weekends like this one I can have one S'moreo and be okay with that. HOLY MOLY amazing stuff on pinterest. Two oreos, marshmallow and a reese's peanut butter cup.

Last week when I weighed in I am only 3lbs away from my goal but I have gained so much more then just a weight loss goal. I have found fun in exercising, I have found it beyond satisfying to be healthy and fit and shit getting rid of my size 6 pants isn't bad either.

Now I am not perfect by any means - I still feel that my arms jiggle, my tummy is not flat nor tight and my butt goes for miles BUT I am getting better and that is what it is all about.

Here are a few pictures that you might have already seen on instagram (momfittingitallin) but I want you to see them anyway.

We are really trying to live by the WORK HARD PLAY HARDER motto of life...

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What a year looks like

ICan you believe the school year is already over. I will now have a 1st grader and a kindergartener! It blows my mind. With the year over it is hard to see the day to day changes but man how they have changed

The left is his first day of kindergarten and the right is the last day of kindergarten.

Look at the changes!!!
Love them to pieces
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Letter to the 21 me


Dear 21 -

Enjoy being young.
Enjoy being in college.
Enjoy being free of real responsibility
Enjoy being 21 - go drink - go party - don't worry about not sleeping.
Say yes more.
Say no to marriage

To be able to be a young adult - you get this time  period one time take it and run with it.

enjoy that you only have a dog to take are of.
Be carefree
Be young while you can .
Lose weight
Grow out your hAir
Don't be a bitch
Catch you in 12 years

The older wiser you!

As I write this I just think - dang i grow up so fast. Always wanting to be an adult. Always wanting the  next thing.

I hope that my kids enjoy being kids - free.

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Meet Up

On my way home from work today I decided I need to step up my exercise routine. I need to join something that kicks my ass. I drove by a few boot camp locations that I have seen before but nothing grabbed me. My SIL owns her own gym and boot camp but it is so far for me :( - so I am on the look out for something new. I saw a bunch of girls meeting at the local park so I think tomorrow I am going to head down there and get some information - but of course I can not see around and wait.

I started googling local boot camps and ran across a nice group in the MEET UP app. I asked to join (awaiting approval) but I saw they had a walk/jog tonight. I headed out there anyway. The event stated 6:15 and I was a little early. I waited around until close to 6:30 but no one came. I didn't want to waste away my time so I brought out my Couch 2 5k and started it up. The wind was blowing, tears were flowing (my eyes are super sensitive) and my music was pumping and off I went. The trail is pretty nice and busy and well lighted.

As I was racing back from my 1/2 way point it hit me and it hit me hard - I HAD TO PEE soooooo bad. It got so bad I had the notion to soak myself with my water bottle and pee my pants - luckily I didn't have to do that. The building came into view and I literally prayed to GOD that I wouldn't pee my pants. I RAN faster then I have ever ran before straight into the bathroom. I threw my phone and water bottle and just had enough time to pull down my pants - HOLY HELL thank you LORD I made it.

As I walked back to my car I felt very good about my run and can't wait to do it again. I can tell that my endurance is getting better and my breathing not like a large dog.

Not only am I trying to join a walking/woman's group I actually reached out to  a mom I meet in my son's class and we will start walking together weekly as well. I will add weights and off we go - socializing/making new friends and exercise.

Well I am off to finish my workout because 30 minutes on the C25k isn't enough - ask my trainer of a SIL.

Until next time.....
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Oh holy healthy with a side of fat

So this past weekend most of you saw on Instagram that we went on a vacation to Disneyland and it was incredible. If you have a chance to stay at the grand Californian hotel on the 6th floor please do - this is the ultimate way to go. You get all day food, early entry into both parks, nice rooms and access to heated pools and spas. The trip was relaxing and I enjoyed myself. - you can catch NOw time of my life on Instagram :) 

I felt that I walked so much - I was upset that I didn't get to the gym - it was only open from 6am to 8pm what crappy hours. Anyway I wanted to enjoy myself and I did - I returned home to starting my cycle and got on the scale I gained 1.4 lbs - not happy but not mad because I am already back to it. Note I did take my shakes on the trip. 

Well my wonderful husband guess what that man lost weight on vacation - wth??? He ate more then me, he drank and he ate tons of sweets argh men.

This just shows that we should always focus on our health - good food choices, exercise, being active and above all it is ok to cheat a little.

Well after being home a few days and getting back into the routine of life my brother sent me this wonderful picture of 8th grade picture day. 

It makes me want to cry.
It makes me want to ensure I am living a healthy lifestyle.
It makes me want to instill a great life for my kids.
It makes me want to pray that my kids never look back at a fat photo.
Being heavy for a majority of my life is an awful feeling.
Being healthy for the last 6 years is so worth it. 

I am happy.
I am healthy.
I am setting a good example for my family.
I am doing the right thing.
I am continuing with this life.
I am ensuring that we are a healthy family.
I am ME.