Toothfairies rate is WHAT??????????

When we went to the dentist a few months ago the dentist mentioned that the boy had adult teeth coming in on the bottom and he would loose the two baby teeth very soon. REALLY, already?? She said within 6 months.

Well she was right. Just a few weeks ago he was showing us and EVERYONE that he had a loose tooth. He would play with it with his tongue and I thought for sure he would freak out.

While I was gone to my spinning class I received this picture.
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Can you believe this? I started crying right away. I can't believe my little man lost his tooth. Where is the time going???? 

I couldn't wait to get home and talk to him about. 

Apparently he pulled it out himself very little bleeding and my son stated "Mommy is going to cry" geez that boy knows I am emotional. 

The next big thing - the tooth fairy. How much does a tooth go for today? I can remember getting change under my pillow. 

Someone said $5 bucks - $5 bucks??? I have two children close in age and when the tooth fairy comes you are setting the standard. My thought was $2 the hubs disagreed and we settled on $4 dollars.

We told the boy to put the tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy would take it and leave him money. We told it was magic and you don't ever see him it just happens. That pacified him so off to bed he went. 

When he woke up he found his $4 dollars and he was so excited. 

BUT he then started to count his teeth and said - MOM if I loose these two teeth I can get $8 more dollars - OMG what if he pulls out all of his teeth to buy that damn toy at TARGET :) 

Dang they are growing up fast. 


  1. $4?! O&G would love to live with you! We only give a dollar or two. We never have cash around so it's the best we can do lol. One time for Olivia we gave her quarters- oops! He looks so cute!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bahaha! We had this dilimma with our son! People have set the bar high in this one! We did 5 for the 1st tooth only a couple bucks after that. Now a days kids can't buy candy for less than a buck : /

  3. Oh my gosh... $4?? I am so dreading that.


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