So What Wednesday...matchmaking maybe

So what that I have NOT posted since last weeks SO WHAT

So what that I am dedicating this post to my best friend

So what that my best friend is a great SINGLE male

So what I am going to use the power of my wonderful blog and worldwide web to try and do a little matchmaking.

So what.....

He is a wonderful gainfully employed professional project manager for a construction company.
He is great with kids (he hangs out with my whole family all the time).
He can make a mean fire roasted pizza and many other wonderful dishes.
He loves to travel.
He is active.
He would also be that person who would sit home on the weekend holding hands and watching whatever movie you want.
He is a nice "southern/eastern" roots man (gentleman like might be better haha) and he is looking for that right person.
He is 34 years old, never married and no kids.

So what that I am pimping him out!!! If anyone lives or knows of a single female in the Southern California area please email.

So what he has NO idea that I am doing this.

So what he might be a little mad but if it helps him find "his" person he would be happy.

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The only photo I have of him to find his match 


  1. You are so cute to do this. I wish I knew a single person. He seems like a great guy.


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