Mother's Day

Remember just the other day I posted this Mother's Day post?? If not go check it out before you read
this one...

My Mother's Day day weekend started out on Friday with a special Muffins with mom treat and my daughters school. I wasn't even scared to log that store bought Blueberry muffin (8 points) because to be able to sit with my daughter and see her just BEAM with excitement for me to be there and VICE VERSA.

As we arrived at school we were welcomed with a cute sign and each mother received a pink Carnation. As we set down it is a time that the kiddos get to show off their mom's and snack - a win win. The matcher in me made sure that my daughter and I both wore Hello Kitty. As I sat there with her I was just overwhelmed with love. How I could have created this little person who is NOW turning into such a bright, beautiful, caring, smart little girl??? HAPPY DANCE!!!

As I hugged her goodbye - she just gave me a kiss and THIS is what being a mom is about.

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Hello Kitty anyone??? - look at the matching poses too

Time and food well spent!!!
Friday night the hubs and kids took me shopping for my present!!! I love me some shopping and MK!! As my watch was  being fitted at Macy's the checker gave me my items and said Happy Mother's Day - I said wait we need to pay for it. With our honesty she gave us a discount 15% baby. Besides a little walking, shopping of course we had to stop for ICE CREAM (frozen yogurt really)
Love Love Love 
We headed home and the hubs and I worked out in the garage - great cardio and he helped me on my arms. After heading to bed about midnight it was nice to be able to sleep in until 730! Oh yes we did!!! We were then up enjoying this wonderful weather. We were packing out snacks for our boat ride of Newport Harbor. This gathering was for me, my mom and my mil. What a great day. It was fun, easy, peaceful and so a thing to do again. We rode around the harbor with my hubs at the controls enjoying our snacks, the views and great company.

my wonderful fam

me and my mom 

the best hubs ever

the men 

crazy drivers
 Saturday night we ended it by hanging out at my grandma's house playing cards then a little fun time with my brother and sil playing UNO - who knew it took over an hour to play one hand.

Sunday we woke up and it was off for a little hiking. We actually hiked with a 1450 foot elevation climb in Big Bear. We hiked 6 miles round trip and kids and parents a like did amazing. It is so great to be active and healthy together. This is what I LOVE to do.
1450 feet up!!! 

Not the best picture but all of us hiking 

me and my babies

Holding up the sign

Oh geez my mom and hubs showing off 
 So as I conclude this weekend I have to say THANK YOU to my mommy. She is the best mother and with out her I would not be who I am today. THANK YOU to my wonderful hubs without you by my side I would not have been the mother I am today - you complete me. THANK YOU to my wonderful mil - you blessed me with the most wonderful husband and to get another mother is a wonderful feeling.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.

What did you do?


  1. Looks like it was the perfect weekend! SUPER jealous of your boating time. Love that you guys do so much stuff as a family- I need to do more stuff like you guys!

  2. What a great weekend!! I love your matching outfits!!


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