Mother's Day - what would it look like

What does Mother's Day mean?

For years I have celebrated it for my mother and my grandma and my brother always made me feel special by including me in this day. 

Well with my mom, my grandmother, my mother in law, my sister in laws and step-mother in law the holiday gets a little full.

And just think this happens on Father's Day too.

This year we mailed cards to all of the mother's in our lives and we plan on celebrating mom day on Saturday.

A few years ago the hubs and I decided to hold the actual day as our mothers and Father's Day.
This year I already have our Father's Day weekend planned - a wonderful camping
 trip booked and ready for my honey! 

So just the other day my hubs asked what we are Doing for Mother's Day? WTH? He doesn't already have it planned? Geez....

Well lets see what would I want for the day?? The ultimate goal would to be NOT asked and stuff just happens - however the hubs tells me that I am too ummm picky - HELLO if you don't know me after 9 years !!!! 

If not here are a few things running through my mind...

A full body massage with no hubs and no kids and a large shopping trip??? This doesn't really fit in the scheme of things but a girl can dream.

A couples massage! Just saw a groupon for this.  

A day filled with me NOT having to plan a thing! 

A day with my hubs and children Doing something active.

A day where calories don't count.

That boyfriend silver Michael Kors watch. or this one
Michael Kors Michael Kors Silver Oversized Runway Watch
My iPad screen fixed.

Really my list can go on but really a day that I don't have to think or do anything would be wonderful

How about you? What are you wanting  to do? What would you love your day to look like? 

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  1. That's awesome! I hope you have an awesome Mother's Day


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