Fast and Furious

We are sitting here watching Fast & Furious 5 and I can't get enough of Vin and Paul. I love these movies. Fast, men, cars and no story line.

The hubs and I have to "re-watch" the 5th one because one way or another we will be watching the newest and greatest 6th movie this weekend.

It is funny how the simplest, smallest things can make me happy. Being the holiday weekend we had plans fall through, plans change YET I am happy to just sit here with my honey.

There is a part of me that thinls of those "memorial weekends" pre-kids. Wild, hot, crazy and above all ummmm care free and maybe a little (or a lot) of drinking. Now sometimes I think I would like a weekend again like that - but the recovery is too much - and crap who can I get to watch our kids for an entire holiday weekend?? - Any takers please let me know.

Seriously any takers let us know - we were just discussing we need to find a great teenager/young adult that can be our babysitter/house sitter.

A pointless BUT fun blog to write :)

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