Fast and Furious

We are sitting here watching Fast & Furious 5 and I can't get enough of Vin and Paul. I love these movies. Fast, men, cars and no story line.

The hubs and I have to "re-watch" the 5th one because one way or another we will be watching the newest and greatest 6th movie this weekend.

It is funny how the simplest, smallest things can make me happy. Being the holiday weekend we had plans fall through, plans change YET I am happy to just sit here with my honey.

There is a part of me that thinls of those "memorial weekends" pre-kids. Wild, hot, crazy and above all ummmm care free and maybe a little (or a lot) of drinking. Now sometimes I think I would like a weekend again like that - but the recovery is too much - and crap who can I get to watch our kids for an entire holiday weekend?? - Any takers please let me know.

Seriously any takers let us know - we were just discussing we need to find a great teenager/young adult that can be our babysitter/house sitter.

A pointless BUT fun blog to write :)

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Why blog?

I started this blog as an outlet for me. Well over the course of this beautiful blog I have enjoyed writing, enjoyed sharing my life with everyone, met a few amazing people, did a lot of link ups, a few reviews and it has got me through a lot BUT for the past few months I am not Feeling it at all.

I use to eagerly write a post daily, sit up for hours reading the blogs I follow, find new blogs and comment like crazy BUT now I am not.

I think this blog has been here when I need it and right now I am not needing it. I am not sure if I am taking a break or if the blog has fulfilled its goal in my life - I am not sure.

I am sure that I am happy, focusing on being present with myself and my family, persistent on this damn roller coaster of weight loss journey and above all loving my new job.

For now I might be here tomorrow, next week, next month or never only time will tell.

In the meantime I am addicted to Instagram so head over and follow me there


And with this whole Bloglovin thing I am kind of thinking that this is GOD's way of telling me to step back if I want to.

Mother's Day

Remember just the other day I posted this Mother's Day post?? If not go check it out before you read
this one...

My Mother's Day day weekend started out on Friday with a special Muffins with mom treat and my daughters school. I wasn't even scared to log that store bought Blueberry muffin (8 points) because to be able to sit with my daughter and see her just BEAM with excitement for me to be there and VICE VERSA.

As we arrived at school we were welcomed with a cute sign and each mother received a pink Carnation. As we set down it is a time that the kiddos get to show off their mom's and snack - a win win. The matcher in me made sure that my daughter and I both wore Hello Kitty. As I sat there with her I was just overwhelmed with love. How I could have created this little person who is NOW turning into such a bright, beautiful, caring, smart little girl??? HAPPY DANCE!!!

As I hugged her goodbye - she just gave me a kiss and THIS is what being a mom is about.

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Hello Kitty anyone??? - look at the matching poses too

Time and food well spent!!!
Friday night the hubs and kids took me shopping for my present!!! I love me some shopping and MK!! As my watch was  being fitted at Macy's the checker gave me my items and said Happy Mother's Day - I said wait we need to pay for it. With our honesty she gave us a discount 15% baby. Besides a little walking, shopping of course we had to stop for ICE CREAM (frozen yogurt really)
Love Love Love 
We headed home and the hubs and I worked out in the garage - great cardio and he helped me on my arms. After heading to bed about midnight it was nice to be able to sleep in until 730! Oh yes we did!!! We were then up enjoying this wonderful weather. We were packing out snacks for our boat ride of Newport Harbor. This gathering was for me, my mom and my mil. What a great day. It was fun, easy, peaceful and so a thing to do again. We rode around the harbor with my hubs at the controls enjoying our snacks, the views and great company.

my wonderful fam

me and my mom 

the best hubs ever

the men 

crazy drivers
 Saturday night we ended it by hanging out at my grandma's house playing cards then a little fun time with my brother and sil playing UNO - who knew it took over an hour to play one hand.

Sunday we woke up and it was off for a little hiking. We actually hiked with a 1450 foot elevation climb in Big Bear. We hiked 6 miles round trip and kids and parents a like did amazing. It is so great to be active and healthy together. This is what I LOVE to do.
1450 feet up!!! 

Not the best picture but all of us hiking 

me and my babies

Holding up the sign

Oh geez my mom and hubs showing off 
 So as I conclude this weekend I have to say THANK YOU to my mommy. She is the best mother and with out her I would not be who I am today. THANK YOU to my wonderful hubs without you by my side I would not have been the mother I am today - you complete me. THANK YOU to my wonderful mil - you blessed me with the most wonderful husband and to get another mother is a wonderful feeling.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.

What did you do?

Mother's Day - what would it look like

What does Mother's Day mean?

For years I have celebrated it for my mother and my grandma and my brother always made me feel special by including me in this day. 

Well with my mom, my grandmother, my mother in law, my sister in laws and step-mother in law the holiday gets a little full.

And just think this happens on Father's Day too.

This year we mailed cards to all of the mother's in our lives and we plan on celebrating mom day on Saturday.

A few years ago the hubs and I decided to hold the actual day as our mothers and Father's Day.
This year I already have our Father's Day weekend planned - a wonderful camping
 trip booked and ready for my honey! 

So just the other day my hubs asked what we are Doing for Mother's Day? WTH? He doesn't already have it planned? Geez....

Well lets see what would I want for the day?? The ultimate goal would to be NOT asked and stuff just happens - however the hubs tells me that I am too ummm picky - HELLO if you don't know me after 9 years !!!! 

If not here are a few things running through my mind...

A full body massage with no hubs and no kids and a large shopping trip??? This doesn't really fit in the scheme of things but a girl can dream.

A couples massage! Just saw a groupon for this.  

A day filled with me NOT having to plan a thing! 

A day with my hubs and children Doing something active.

A day where calories don't count.

That boyfriend silver Michael Kors watch. or this one
Michael Kors Michael Kors Silver Oversized Runway Watch
My iPad screen fixed.

Really my list can go on but really a day that I don't have to think or do anything would be wonderful

How about you? What are you wanting  to do? What would you love your day to look like? 

Toothfairies rate is WHAT??????????

When we went to the dentist a few months ago the dentist mentioned that the boy had adult teeth coming in on the bottom and he would loose the two baby teeth very soon. REALLY, already?? She said within 6 months.

Well she was right. Just a few weeks ago he was showing us and EVERYONE that he had a loose tooth. He would play with it with his tongue and I thought for sure he would freak out.

While I was gone to my spinning class I received this picture.
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Can you believe this? I started crying right away. I can't believe my little man lost his tooth. Where is the time going???? 

I couldn't wait to get home and talk to him about. 

Apparently he pulled it out himself very little bleeding and my son stated "Mommy is going to cry" geez that boy knows I am emotional. 

The next big thing - the tooth fairy. How much does a tooth go for today? I can remember getting change under my pillow. 

Someone said $5 bucks - $5 bucks??? I have two children close in age and when the tooth fairy comes you are setting the standard. My thought was $2 the hubs disagreed and we settled on $4 dollars.

We told the boy to put the tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy would take it and leave him money. We told it was magic and you don't ever see him it just happens. That pacified him so off to bed he went. 

When he woke up he found his $4 dollars and he was so excited. 

BUT he then started to count his teeth and said - MOM if I loose these two teeth I can get $8 more dollars - OMG what if he pulls out all of his teeth to buy that damn toy at TARGET :) 

Dang they are growing up fast. 

So What Wednesday...matchmaking maybe

So what that I have NOT posted since last weeks SO WHAT

So what that I am dedicating this post to my best friend

So what that my best friend is a great SINGLE male

So what I am going to use the power of my wonderful blog and worldwide web to try and do a little matchmaking.

So what.....

He is a wonderful gainfully employed professional project manager for a construction company.
He is great with kids (he hangs out with my whole family all the time).
He can make a mean fire roasted pizza and many other wonderful dishes.
He loves to travel.
He is active.
He would also be that person who would sit home on the weekend holding hands and watching whatever movie you want.
He is a nice "southern/eastern" roots man (gentleman like might be better haha) and he is looking for that right person.
He is 34 years old, never married and no kids.

So what that I am pimping him out!!! If anyone lives or knows of a single female in the Southern California area please email.

So what he has NO idea that I am doing this.

So what he might be a little mad but if it helps him find "his" person he would be happy.

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The only photo I have of him to find his match 

So What Wednesday

Well it has been a long time that I have done a SWW post but here it goes...

- So What that I have been vacant from the blog world - I mean seriously I have not read a blog, I have not wrote a blog and I just don't care.

- So What that I think right now I am ENJOYING living life and not writing about it.

- So What that  I like to wear maternity tank tops - hey they are super long and I don't show crack  - even though I have not been preggo for close to 5 years.

- So What that I have the same socks stuffed into my spinning shoes that I use every Monday and put back in my car - gross I know but not changing.

- So What that I love my new fridge until I got the first bill - yikes.

- So What that I am so HAPPY about my job I just can't keep it inside - serioulsy I LOVE my job.

- So What that my babies party will be in 5 months and I arleady know where I want it and what themes (yes themes as in more then 1 - combing parties once again - Hello Kitty and Power Rangers or Ninegjo (he hasn't made up his mind yet)).

- So What that after this post I may not return again for a while - it is funny how one thing fills avoid and then something else comes along.

Here is to another great week and hope to write more soon.

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