What LIFE has been like

Since starting my Body By Vi Shakes I have been back into my routine of being dedicated, being on top of it and surprisingly enjoying myself and the food. So I have lost weight on this plan and I feel like I did 6 years ago when I lost over 40lbs.

My food.....
Body By Vi Shake mixed with frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1 cup Almond milk unsweetened.

Lunch could be any of the following:

Greek Yogurt with dry ranch mix and chili powder with tons of veggies (mushroom, celery, cucumbers, tomato, colored cauliflower)
Sandwich with bagel thins, 5 slices of lunch meat, Laughing Cow Lite Swiss and sliced pickles
Salad - Bob's lite blue cheese dressing, lettuce, tomato, red beets, cucumbers, hearts of palm, mushrooms

Snacks could be any of the following:

Apple with peanut butter
Greek Yogurt and veggies
Beef Jerky

Dinner could be any of the following:

Chicken sausage, veggies and pasta
Beef fillet, mini potatoes (7), veggies
Beef Strognaff with egg noodles
Cheeseless pizza (my fav) with a salad
Hebrew Hot Dogs with Hot Dog bun

Desserts could be the following:

Greek yogurt - coffee with dark chocolate chip bites
Skinny cow ice cream
Skinny cow candy

Another key element to this lifestyle of mine is ensuring that I am tracking my points on everything. I don't pay for Weight Watchers anymore because I don't attend meetings and the recipe books I can buy at the book store. So to track my points I found this amazing app itrackbites - AMAZING. I use the WW+ point system and this app is working perfectly. They also have a restaurant app for point value on restaurant plates (yikes that is scary).

Well if you want to see what I am eating (who wouldn't) you can follow me on instagram.

Besides the wonderful sampling up above I just started wearing my amazing Lunaling Capri's - talk about SWEATING. Today I wore them to my spinning class and I kind of made a swimming pool on the floor - what was worse or better depending on how you look at it - I had streams running down my legs and of course I promised the hubs and kids Golden Spoon. But I couldn't refuse the kiddos so off I went went pants and all.

If you are interested in looking at the pants please check them out at facebook.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to KICK up their sweating :)

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Lunaling Capris

Working it at 85% right now!!! Burned a lot today

Spinning class - see proof :) haha

Not sure if I am happy or sad with my workout haha jk had a blast and fat is my b*tch

Can you see that drop?? That is sweat going down my leg - they were streaming down!! Crazy


  1. You look great! :) I hear those shakes and the meal plans aren't too bad! I will have to try them out! Just came across your blog, excited to catch up on the rest of your posts! :)


  2. So proud of you girl! Honestly your greek yogurt/veggie lunch doesn't sound like much, but I know that after awhile of eating that it feels like a lot. Sweat, weight loss, and feeling good sounds like a win! I WILL be asking for advice when it's time to get this baby weight off.


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