Reload Relax Weekend

This past weekend we were able to get a little reload and relaxation in. My PIL invited us on their near vacation. We went to the Newport Villas - talk about amazing!! We stayed in a two bedroom suite - full kitchen, living room, 2  bedrooms, 2 full baths AMAZING (did I already mention that??). We just went for the weekend but it was filled with pure happiness. The weather was a little colder then we would have liked and I hope to return when the weather is HOT so we can enjoy the 5 pools and the beach. However, we didn't let the weather get in the way of a great time.

Now we started with a wonderful dinner at this whole in the wall Italian place. The crew got lasagna, pasta salad and pizza. I stuck with my cheeseless thin crust veggie pizza (they just could not get that concept and my first pizza had cheese so they had to redo it). But once it came out yummy!

Saturday morning we all slept in until 7:40 am (sleeepppppp). The kids and hubs had waffles, sausage, eggs and bananas all thanks to grandma. As for me I brought all of my items for my Body By Vi shakes (chocolate mix in of course). We were then off to Crystal Cove state Park - geez state employees not so nice with out their morning coffee - rude. We headed down the path and this was my first time shaking out the tide pools. We walked along the shore and enjoyed the quietness of the day. We saw a starfish ( the first
one in the wild) and many piles of seaweed and crabs. It is sad for me to say this but my kids have only been to the beach like 2 times even though we live so close (bad mom). But this trip was well worth it!

Then it was off for a treasure hunt - this place is meant for families! We toured the grounds following our clues. The kids collected beads and at the end they were able to get a prize. Then we went and ate at an all organic food place - oh so expensive and not that good - but we made up for it by finally trying SPRINKLES!!! Woo hoo . I finally got to try it and oh so yummy - I tasted the Chocolate Marshmallow one. After a great snack the entire family took a little nap. PEACEFUL. Then it was time for kid movies and Mexican food. We ended the night playing GO FISH.

Sunday we woke up again at 7:40 am ( a record two days in a row of sleeping in). The kids had their normal breakfast and I had my shake once again. Today's agenda revolved around our gift to the FIL. A trip to the

USS IOWA Battleship. It was a wonderful day for it and the tour was a nice glimpse into our history - and hey it made for a great family photo. After the tour we headed to the local brewery - OMG they had a grilled cheese stuffed with mac n cheese and pulled pork - I had one bite of my hubs YUMMY. While they ate a heart attack on a plate I enjoyed the best lemon artichoke chicken soup!!!

I also want to say how proud I am of myself - YES I did snack (but in moderation), YES I did have a cupcake (I didn't even finish the entire thing) and you know what YES I worked out Everyday of vacation  - they had an amazing gym and you know what it was time for ME and a side of workout :) - I hit it hard along with walking all over the place all 3 days but I LOVED it.

After a fun filled several days we headed home just in time for all of us to sneak in a little nap again. Then REALITY hit - laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and homework - BUT WELL WORTH the wonderful weekend.

Here is to more family time to come.........

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  1. Sounds like a great time! So proud of you that you didn't let vacation throw you off track! Will power:)


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