Easter was filled with family time this year!
Really every year but it keeps getting better.

We decided to have Easter at my moms house this year! We wanted to continue the tradition of coloring eggs together. With all of our hectic schedules the egg decorating fell on Saturday which meant this shin dig turned into a sleepover. But to get to my moms we pretty much had to pack everything except the kitchen sink ( no joking we had to take the truck to fit everything).

We got to my mom's and it was fun from the first second - laughing, joking and just being together. For dinner we decided we would make our own pizza. Which slices do you think are for me?

After dinner was made I helped my SIL to start baking for her cupcakes - I showed her a few of my tricks!

With 7 people and one bathroom we surprisingly didn't kill each other actually it was so much fun. After about 11 we all headed to bed - the four of us slept on the floor so needlessly to say I didn't sleep all that well.

For Sunday breakfast I made the fam bam pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon and ham while I ate - take a guess??? Yes my shake (told you I packed everything)

The fam enjoyed every bit of that breakfast then it was time to clean up and get ready for the day. Busy bees we became.

Egg hiding
Egg finding
Laughing was all on the menu of the day.

Couldn't ask for a better day.

The love of my life 

Eater Egg finds

Easter Egg Finds

Uncle is helping

They actually slept in until 8am!

My SIL and I baking away 

The kids get spoiled again 

What's for dinner? Can you tell which slices are mine???

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  1. I love the girl in those overalls!!!! So glad you guys had a great Easter weekend. You all hide real eggs and not the plastic ones?! This is why I love you.


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