Crying doesn't change anything

I will not cry.

As we use part of our savings money and credit cards (that is why we have them right?)

Things seem to happen in three's (I hope that is it for a while)

1 - I broke my iPad screen - so upset - not a life or death situation but still - a warranty that is out and to fix either $299 for a new one or $119 to replace the screen - still money I really don't want or have to spend on this.

2. My wonderful car that I oh so love I took in for service - a hundred dollars later I have oil change and new filters and the biggie I need 4 new tires and an alignment. We looked around and the best deal we can find and I took is about $600 out the door for everything - this is a most!

3. Our wonderful fridge went out - yeap the one I told you right here is one of my favorite things in the house. And not only did it go out but apparently the water to the fridge has been leaking for a while and we didn't know. So with a busted fridge and food spoiling we were off to the store to buy a new one. Guess what you can't just buy a fridge the earliest is next day delivery. However, the deliver and haul a way of our old fridge will be FREE. Also we were able to get one of the newest french door fridges that has more space, more ice and guess what we got it for $700 off the price. So here is the hole that will be a work in progress...

So with money just flying out of our account (and on credit cards) I am not going to stress, I am not going to cry because really this is small stuff - it just happened all at the same time.

I feel sometimes that it is too much.
I know that others are worse off.
I know that others are better off.
I know that I will get through this.
I know with a little or A LOT of venting at least I will feel better.
I know I will be fine tomorrow.
I know I will not let ANYTHING keep me down.

And as of RIGHT now typing this I haven't shed one tear. I have used a few curse words but really that isn't about these little things but more of people in my life that try to use me as their whipping boy and I keep taking it.

My best friend sent me this and oh boy I think this will be my new motto...

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  1. That really sucks!! I hope next week is better :)


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