Cows at the ZOO???

I was driving through my home town the other day just thinking WOW it has changed. I don't know how much I have shared with everyone but I was born and raised on this little 1 acre farm that was my whole life. I had dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, horses, cattle, rabbits and even red worm beds. I loved seeing the WORLD from a farm. A farm feeds us, it clothes us, it provides so much to all of us and it is getting over looked so quickly. I remember driving throw town and smelling the cow manure (yes I love that smell and miss it). I have watched kittens being born in the barn to the cutest little calf being born. It is the cycle of life.
I knew that the "pet" could and would one day become dinner - and I was okay with that. Life on a farm is REAL, it is true, it is the AMERICAN way and I can't stand seeing it go bye bye.
Driving through my home town all you see is houses and shopping malls everywhere - there use to be corn fields that we hid in during high school - so a mere 14 years ago (shit I am old) I have seen them demolished and strip malls built.
However I am lucky because my grandparents still own that 1 acre farm and it still has dogs and sheep on it.
To keep the spirit alive of FARM life every year I have tried to expose our children to animals: 2 years ago Easter we got them two baby goats and last year a bunny . This year I SO wanted to get them chickens but we ran out of time to build a chicken coop - maybe next year.
With so many houses and people the dairies have been kicked out of the area (all but a few) so I fear that we will be taking the kids to the Zoo to see cows.
I love my upbringing.
I love the farm.
I love agriculture.

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  1. It's sad when things change. So glad I got to share your hometown with you and I now know what you are talking about when you speak of your farm. Cows at the zoo?! Won't ever happen lol, but I know what you mean. The area I grew up in used to be surrounded by cows and corn fields and now it's houses. At least you guys have a little slice of heaven to still enjoy it all.


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