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As much as I would LOVE to get paid to write this review this is solely on me and that I LOVE it.

With reading this blog you know I am trying to FIT in being healthy, being skinny and eating right with exercise on the side.

I enjoy jogging - trying to get to running.
I enjoy bike riding - wish the girl would learn faster so we can do more.
I enjoy the elliptical - catching up on TV.
I LOVE spinning - needs to be a little cheaper and I would go all the time.
I LOVE WW+ system - just need to stick with it.

Well the newest thing I have found is Body By Vi - amazing shakes. I can not tolerate the fasting stuff (remember I had to when my tonsils were removed - yikes 9 days nothing but apple juice and water) and shakes haven't been my thing because I love food - up to know.


If you follow me on instagram @momfittingitallin you will see me drinking my shakes daily 
(I even spent the night the other day at my mother's and I brought my stuff with me)

The shakes are AMAZING. They taste so good, they are filling (I am a person ruled by my hunger that attacks me every two hours on the dot, flares up when I am upset and even boredom), they are only 3 WW+ points when you use Almond Milk unsweetened, I am full of energy and I am seeing results.

I knew I would get you at the showing results part. I wouldn't say yet how much weight I have lost because I don't want to ruin this but it is going well. I am seeing results - I am feeling results.

Here is what my typical life looks like right now with food and exercise:

7am - Shake - 2 scoops, 1 cup unsweetened Almond milk, strawberries and banana - 3 WW+ points
Noonish - Lunch - either 1/2 cup greek yogurt and veggies (2 ww+ points) or a salad, or if I have a work event lunch ( so this can vary), sandwich on thin bagels - I try to keep my lunch light and if I can't I will add another shake for dinner
2 - 3ish - Snach - typically fruit or beef jerky
6ish - dinner - this varies depending on my day but it can range from: cheeseless pizza 2 slices, hot dog (hebrew national is the best and least fat and calories), salad, or whatever I am making for the family - I just typically make my veggies a larger portion then the rest of the family and the other section pasta/protein smaller then theirs. Like other night I wanted taco Tuesday so I have - two tacos!!

Now back to the shake - I have to say this time (what time - this path of life that I am on I am feeling dedicated, motivated and I am not starving).

If you are interested in the system (what is the system - depends how aggressive you want to go - I am just doing one shake a day so I went for the $49 a month system - but it goes up from there depending what you want.).

If you are interested there are additional perks and contests you can enter. Reply to this posting and I can get you more information or you can sign up here.

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  1. Girl you are too hard on yourself! You listed all the things you like to do when going healthy and then listed a flaw about yourself- boo! I am glad you are kicking ass with the shakes and come fall I will be needing this stuff!


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