A little skidish

This weekend we had this years first cheer performance and it started out rocky. We arrived to the local city's Easter Celebration wit tons of children running around. We didn't realize that this event would be this large. We arrive early enough that we were able to collect a few eggs, talk with local fire fighters and see the mountain bike race.

When the other girls arrived our daughter was over the moon to perform. She cheers in front of our bedroom mirrors all the time ---- well all of a sudden I have to walk away from her so she can practically - literally like 4 feet and it happens.....she clams up. She gets quiet, she gets a frown, she gets inverted, she becomes immobile. While the other girls scream, cheer and do the routine during practice she is barely moving. She looks for me and hones in on me. This behavior lasts until we are walking to the stage.

This behavior isn't new but I really thought after 3 seasons in cheer she would be over it especially because now she looks forward to it all the time. She cheers in class, she cheers at the house and she talks about it all the time.

Well we finally go to the stage (with me walking near her) they are starting the music - the other girls start cheering and she at least smiles and moves her upper body - then her favorite cheer comes on and FINALLY she gets in the mood. She is smiling, yelling and cheering to the beat. My little girl is here!

She cheers her little heart out, I am tearing up, screaming for her and she is so happy - this is what she loves.

I just need a reminder that she takes a little bit to get in the game!

But mommy is so proud of her!


  1. I wouldn't be able to get out there. Glad she was able to finally get in the grove and she looks adorable!

  2. She is so cute! I'm glad she finally got into and have fun.


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