A little field trip

So thankful for Friday. 
 So thankful for spending the morning with my son and his classroom. 
So thankful for little things. 

Today I was able to spend the morning with my son and go on his first ever field trip. Now I was at first a little disappointed that I didn't get on the bus (I rarely get to go with my son and yet the bus was filled with up with the mothers that help out on a daily/weekly basis) but despite that it was a great morning. I got to drop my boy off and actually walk into his classroom. 

He is just getting so big. I can't believe his school is over in just a matter of weeks (I swear he just started). As he sat in the boy line and talked with his friends I was filled with love and happiness THEN I was the outsider again. What is with clicky people???? Tell me please. I smile, I wake BUT that doesn't matter because I was here for my boy. 

 As he loaded on to the bus (with out me - a little mad still) and I drove behind the bus and we arrived at our destination.

We went to a nature walk center that had ducks, geese, turtles, fish, snakes, and lizards - oh and even several chinchillas. 

 We had four stations and it was nice to experience all of them with him - digging for bugs, a lesson in tame vs wild animals, paw prints and a nature hike. After all four stations the kids all had lunch together and then I took my boy for a special treat at Juice It Up!!! He got to order it and any flavor he wanted with a boost of vitamins!!!

We had to match for the day :) yellow shirts anyone???

the girl wanted a picture before school - her spelling word this week was bath so she wanted to take hers for show and tell 

IT says "Happy Field Trip Day" his 1st actual sack lunch

Getting off the bus

MOm ducks and geese

digging for bugs

I know I know 

Love him 

Making his "Paw print" 

turtles sun bathing

looking for ducks 

the best day ever love my son THANK YOU GOD FOR HIM :) 

His special treat 

Can you say that word??

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  1. Sometimes other moms can be a little clicky, even when you are nice to them. I hate that too, especially when you are all there for the same reason, to be with your kiddos. They were probably just jealous that you were looking so fab!!! Hahaha!

  2. Awe so sweet! My fav picture is the one where he is raising his hand- adorable! I must say riding the bus is overrated. I did it in the fall for G's field trip and I got sooooooo car sick. I couldn't get off the bus fast enough and I wanted to walk home lol. Not as fun as I remembered.


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