A little catch up of my life

It seems I get in moods of what I write and when. Tonight as I sit here listening to my dog chew on her bone and the hubs snoring away - I wasn't ready for sleep - screw that I would love to sleep but really that annoying sounds and did I mention a little teeth grinding too. Argh.

Anyways since I am up I thought it would be nice to get back to this thing called blog writing. I have been slacking so bad but let me tell you I am happy as ever - so maybe it is off set.

I want to talk a little about what has been happening with me.

Lets see....

For work I traveled last week to Washington. OMG it is beautiful up there - apparently this Sunshine girl brought it with me because I swear that night I was on zillow looking up houses.. When I arrived to corporate it was time for ME. I walked around to see the town and of course I got my nails done - the worst job ever - just saying. After that non-peaceful time I walked to Target to get my Almond Milk for my protein shakes - dedicated you bet!!

My time at corporate consisted of ALL DAY meetings and me hitting the gym - I loved it!!!

Now while I was away of course my babies pictures came in and I had to show everyone how cute they are  - what do you think????

My return trip was long but I was so happy to be home. I returned home to a sweet gift from my MIL - a dress with a note saying thank you for being such an inspiration - ahhhh.

The rest of the week was BACK TO REALITY. Saturday we had a yard sale - We made $80 bucks (let me first say I did this to help my grandparents who collect way to much stuff). The money paid for us to have lunch, dinner and even attend a local baseball game and frozen yogurt - a big win to me. A down side was I got sunburned.

Guess what - I even french braided my daughters hair and mine - now what???

All in all life has been cramped packed with to-do-lists but actually enjoying the time with my family is what it is all about.

What about you????

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my itty bitty airplane

so beautiful

Pre-kind graduation picture? really she looks so mature

So handsome - scar and all

Yes I hit the gym about 4 times in 2.5 days :)

I travel with my shakes

thank you MIL love my dress

sunburn bad

that's right I did it!!

he loves baseball and his uncle

she loves her auntie

when uncle is around mom doesn't exist

buy all of our stuff please.....

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