A little catch up of my life

It seems I get in moods of what I write and when. Tonight as I sit here listening to my dog chew on her bone and the hubs snoring away - I wasn't ready for sleep - screw that I would love to sleep but really that annoying sounds and did I mention a little teeth grinding too. Argh.

Anyways since I am up I thought it would be nice to get back to this thing called blog writing. I have been slacking so bad but let me tell you I am happy as ever - so maybe it is off set.

I want to talk a little about what has been happening with me.

Lets see....

For work I traveled last week to Washington. OMG it is beautiful up there - apparently this Sunshine girl brought it with me because I swear that night I was on zillow looking up houses.. When I arrived to corporate it was time for ME. I walked around to see the town and of course I got my nails done - the worst job ever - just saying. After that non-peaceful time I walked to Target to get my Almond Milk for my protein shakes - dedicated you bet!!

My time at corporate consisted of ALL DAY meetings and me hitting the gym - I loved it!!!

Now while I was away of course my babies pictures came in and I had to show everyone how cute they are  - what do you think????

My return trip was long but I was so happy to be home. I returned home to a sweet gift from my MIL - a dress with a note saying thank you for being such an inspiration - ahhhh.

The rest of the week was BACK TO REALITY. Saturday we had a yard sale - We made $80 bucks (let me first say I did this to help my grandparents who collect way to much stuff). The money paid for us to have lunch, dinner and even attend a local baseball game and frozen yogurt - a big win to me. A down side was I got sunburned.

Guess what - I even french braided my daughters hair and mine - now what???

All in all life has been cramped packed with to-do-lists but actually enjoying the time with my family is what it is all about.

What about you????

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my itty bitty airplane

so beautiful

Pre-kind graduation picture? really she looks so mature

So handsome - scar and all

Yes I hit the gym about 4 times in 2.5 days :)

I travel with my shakes

thank you MIL love my dress

sunburn bad

that's right I did it!!

he loves baseball and his uncle

she loves her auntie

when uncle is around mom doesn't exist

buy all of our stuff please.....

A little field trip

So thankful for Friday. 
 So thankful for spending the morning with my son and his classroom. 
So thankful for little things. 

Today I was able to spend the morning with my son and go on his first ever field trip. Now I was at first a little disappointed that I didn't get on the bus (I rarely get to go with my son and yet the bus was filled with up with the mothers that help out on a daily/weekly basis) but despite that it was a great morning. I got to drop my boy off and actually walk into his classroom. 

He is just getting so big. I can't believe his school is over in just a matter of weeks (I swear he just started). As he sat in the boy line and talked with his friends I was filled with love and happiness THEN I was the outsider again. What is with clicky people???? Tell me please. I smile, I wake BUT that doesn't matter because I was here for my boy. 

 As he loaded on to the bus (with out me - a little mad still) and I drove behind the bus and we arrived at our destination.

We went to a nature walk center that had ducks, geese, turtles, fish, snakes, and lizards - oh and even several chinchillas. 

 We had four stations and it was nice to experience all of them with him - digging for bugs, a lesson in tame vs wild animals, paw prints and a nature hike. After all four stations the kids all had lunch together and then I took my boy for a special treat at Juice It Up!!! He got to order it and any flavor he wanted with a boost of vitamins!!!

We had to match for the day :) yellow shirts anyone???

the girl wanted a picture before school - her spelling word this week was bath so she wanted to take hers for show and tell 

IT says "Happy Field Trip Day" his 1st actual sack lunch

Getting off the bus

MOm ducks and geese

digging for bugs

I know I know 

Love him 

Making his "Paw print" 

turtles sun bathing

looking for ducks 

the best day ever love my son THANK YOU GOD FOR HIM :) 

His special treat 

Can you say that word??

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Reload Relax Weekend

This past weekend we were able to get a little reload and relaxation in. My PIL invited us on their near vacation. We went to the Newport Villas - talk about amazing!! We stayed in a two bedroom suite - full kitchen, living room, 2  bedrooms, 2 full baths AMAZING (did I already mention that??). We just went for the weekend but it was filled with pure happiness. The weather was a little colder then we would have liked and I hope to return when the weather is HOT so we can enjoy the 5 pools and the beach. However, we didn't let the weather get in the way of a great time.

Now we started with a wonderful dinner at this whole in the wall Italian place. The crew got lasagna, pasta salad and pizza. I stuck with my cheeseless thin crust veggie pizza (they just could not get that concept and my first pizza had cheese so they had to redo it). But once it came out yummy!

Saturday morning we all slept in until 7:40 am (sleeepppppp). The kids and hubs had waffles, sausage, eggs and bananas all thanks to grandma. As for me I brought all of my items for my Body By Vi shakes (chocolate mix in of course). We were then off to Crystal Cove state Park - geez state employees not so nice with out their morning coffee - rude. We headed down the path and this was my first time shaking out the tide pools. We walked along the shore and enjoyed the quietness of the day. We saw a starfish ( the first
one in the wild) and many piles of seaweed and crabs. It is sad for me to say this but my kids have only been to the beach like 2 times even though we live so close (bad mom). But this trip was well worth it!

Then it was off for a treasure hunt - this place is meant for families! We toured the grounds following our clues. The kids collected beads and at the end they were able to get a prize. Then we went and ate at an all organic food place - oh so expensive and not that good - but we made up for it by finally trying SPRINKLES!!! Woo hoo . I finally got to try it and oh so yummy - I tasted the Chocolate Marshmallow one. After a great snack the entire family took a little nap. PEACEFUL. Then it was time for kid movies and Mexican food. We ended the night playing GO FISH.

Sunday we woke up again at 7:40 am ( a record two days in a row of sleeping in). The kids had their normal breakfast and I had my shake once again. Today's agenda revolved around our gift to the FIL. A trip to the

USS IOWA Battleship. It was a wonderful day for it and the tour was a nice glimpse into our history - and hey it made for a great family photo. After the tour we headed to the local brewery - OMG they had a grilled cheese stuffed with mac n cheese and pulled pork - I had one bite of my hubs YUMMY. While they ate a heart attack on a plate I enjoyed the best lemon artichoke chicken soup!!!

I also want to say how proud I am of myself - YES I did snack (but in moderation), YES I did have a cupcake (I didn't even finish the entire thing) and you know what YES I worked out Everyday of vacation  - they had an amazing gym and you know what it was time for ME and a side of workout :) - I hit it hard along with walking all over the place all 3 days but I LOVED it.

After a fun filled several days we headed home just in time for all of us to sneak in a little nap again. Then REALITY hit - laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and homework - BUT WELL WORTH the wonderful weekend.

Here is to more family time to come.........

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Crying doesn't change anything

I will not cry.

As we use part of our savings money and credit cards (that is why we have them right?)

Things seem to happen in three's (I hope that is it for a while)

1 - I broke my iPad screen - so upset - not a life or death situation but still - a warranty that is out and to fix either $299 for a new one or $119 to replace the screen - still money I really don't want or have to spend on this.

2. My wonderful car that I oh so love I took in for service - a hundred dollars later I have oil change and new filters and the biggie I need 4 new tires and an alignment. We looked around and the best deal we can find and I took is about $600 out the door for everything - this is a most!

3. Our wonderful fridge went out - yeap the one I told you right here is one of my favorite things in the house. And not only did it go out but apparently the water to the fridge has been leaking for a while and we didn't know. So with a busted fridge and food spoiling we were off to the store to buy a new one. Guess what you can't just buy a fridge the earliest is next day delivery. However, the deliver and haul a way of our old fridge will be FREE. Also we were able to get one of the newest french door fridges that has more space, more ice and guess what we got it for $700 off the price. So here is the hole that will be a work in progress...

So with money just flying out of our account (and on credit cards) I am not going to stress, I am not going to cry because really this is small stuff - it just happened all at the same time.

I feel sometimes that it is too much.
I know that others are worse off.
I know that others are better off.
I know that I will get through this.
I know with a little or A LOT of venting at least I will feel better.
I know I will be fine tomorrow.
I know I will not let ANYTHING keep me down.

And as of RIGHT now typing this I haven't shed one tear. I have used a few curse words but really that isn't about these little things but more of people in my life that try to use me as their whipping boy and I keep taking it.

My best friend sent me this and oh boy I think this will be my new motto...

Six favorite things in my house...

The Austin Family Diary

With catching up on my blogs today I ran across this one and I had to join.. Six Favorite things in my

house... here we go...

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all of our pictures - the kiddos and my 1st brithday photos and hubs young photo 

the quote above our bed from our wedding 

double closet doors FULL MIRRORS

a kids bathroom!! Love that they have their own

my own workout equipment in the garage (that is still considered in the house right???)

french door refrigrator

What LIFE has been like

Since starting my Body By Vi Shakes I have been back into my routine of being dedicated, being on top of it and surprisingly enjoying myself and the food. So I have lost weight on this plan and I feel like I did 6 years ago when I lost over 40lbs.

My food.....
Body By Vi Shake mixed with frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1 cup Almond milk unsweetened.

Lunch could be any of the following:

Greek Yogurt with dry ranch mix and chili powder with tons of veggies (mushroom, celery, cucumbers, tomato, colored cauliflower)
Sandwich with bagel thins, 5 slices of lunch meat, Laughing Cow Lite Swiss and sliced pickles
Salad - Bob's lite blue cheese dressing, lettuce, tomato, red beets, cucumbers, hearts of palm, mushrooms

Snacks could be any of the following:

Apple with peanut butter
Greek Yogurt and veggies
Beef Jerky

Dinner could be any of the following:

Chicken sausage, veggies and pasta
Beef fillet, mini potatoes (7), veggies
Beef Strognaff with egg noodles
Cheeseless pizza (my fav) with a salad
Hebrew Hot Dogs with Hot Dog bun

Desserts could be the following:

Greek yogurt - coffee with dark chocolate chip bites
Skinny cow ice cream
Skinny cow candy

Another key element to this lifestyle of mine is ensuring that I am tracking my points on everything. I don't pay for Weight Watchers anymore because I don't attend meetings and the recipe books I can buy at the book store. So to track my points I found this amazing app itrackbites - AMAZING. I use the WW+ point system and this app is working perfectly. They also have a restaurant app for point value on restaurant plates (yikes that is scary).

Well if you want to see what I am eating (who wouldn't) you can follow me on instagram.

Besides the wonderful sampling up above I just started wearing my amazing Lunaling Capri's - talk about SWEATING. Today I wore them to my spinning class and I kind of made a swimming pool on the floor - what was worse or better depending on how you look at it - I had streams running down my legs and of course I promised the hubs and kids Golden Spoon. But I couldn't refuse the kiddos so off I went went pants and all.

If you are interested in looking at the pants please check them out at facebook.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to KICK up their sweating :)

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Lunaling Capris

Working it at 85% right now!!! Burned a lot today

Spinning class - see proof :) haha

Not sure if I am happy or sad with my workout haha jk had a blast and fat is my b*tch

Can you see that drop?? That is sweat going down my leg - they were streaming down!! Crazy