When BLOG friends become REAL Friends

On Friday I was on my way to meet my blog friend turned real life friend and I kept thinking why would she want to come meet little ole me? I have this thing where I doubt why people like me and my insecurities (yes I have them and they rare their little head sometimes).

Why is she coming to California just for me.
Is she going to like me.
Can we talk to each other.
Will it still be like normal.
Will she recognize me.

The list goes on and on.

Well I was on my way to pick up the wonderful Lindsay from Unsweetened Coco and I can't be more excited - nervous - stomach hurting - excited.

Well the moment I saw her all nervousness went right out the door - I loved her right away. She is exactly actually BETTER then I realized. Yes we talk all the time, yes we text all the time, she reads and faithfully follows my blog, instagram and vice versa but would it be real???

our first picture together! So happy

I took her to her hotel room and even though it was midnight and she had been flying for hours I didn't want to stop talking to her. But reluctantly I left too excited for the weekend to come. I swear I turned into the kid waiting for Christmas morning.

On Saturday I picked her up and we headed to breakfast - my goal for this trip was to take her to all places she didn't have at home. Corner Bakery here we come and with a 1000 calories later we were full (they don't list calories in her state but here we are all about it).

They we were off to the best manicure and pedicure EVER! Sitting with her and chatting while we got our nails and toes done - did I mention neck and arm massage too??

So pretty!!
you can't get better then that!!!

Close to two hours of pure relaxation and girl talk. I was beyond myself and we were able to talk the whole time. This girl is just amazing and too sweet for words (ok I can tell you haha). After the nails I wanted to take her to the beach. It was a little overcast but it didn't matter. The place was booming with an old car show and we ventured up to Fred's for a wonderful salad and take a look at this view!!

Smile friend!

With these views we couldn't just sit around it - we needed to embrace it. We walked to the pier for a little people watching and checking out the surf. Did anyone say Ruby's??? Well let me say I have never had a shake here buy my hubs raves about it so I couldn't deprive her of that could I? HAHA well with two shakes and two girls you can't go wrong.

Double Trouble !!!

my fav photo of us!!!

I have to tell you our first day made me think that I have know this girl FOREVER. From talking, chatting, eating, shopping (check out her new Cali shades) it was an amazing first day. NOW here is where I am a horrible friend and selfish. I kept a preggo woman out all day and made her walk everywhere - I just wanted her time here in Cali to be special and remember able because it was for me.

Now to finish off day one I took her to Lazy Dog Cafe - did you know that the races were here in Cali this weekend so what does that mean??? everything is PACKED. But you know what it didn't matter because we were able to spend more time together.

In just that one day it sealed our deal of friendship forever. When I dropped her off that night I told my husband we have to find a way that we see each other at least once a year - I am thinking her and I can meet anywhere in the middle and work our ways through this country!!!

On Sunday we were off to more relaxation  - massages!! After lunch my mother had lunch with us and then we went to see a movie - I adore her even more she hates scary movies too WOO HOO!

I feel that this girl and I have so much more to do together and if GOD had me write this blog to just meet her then I am so beyond happy.

Later that day after a little shopping we headed to dinner with my hubs and kids. It was nice for me to be able to introduce her to my fam bam. And I hope one day in the near future I get to meet hers as well.

It was a wonderful FUN packed 48 hours and I wouldn't change it for anything. I promised her I wouldn't read her post until I wrote mine so I had a deadline here people hehe!

I am so blessed to have found such a great friend through this wonderful blog world.

Here is to our next visit - when are we planning it!

Thank you Lindsay for a wonderful weekend, being such a great friend and pushing through my  defense mechanisms.

To the next time friend...........


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. This made me cry for two reasons- Your words were too kind AND I'm sad we don't live closer. I feel like I have known you forever dear friend! I am glad we were able to steal a weekend away together and we MUST do this EVERY year- it's good for our health :) .


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