Watch out she has a .... Gun

I was born and raised with guns. I can remeber shooting in our backyard, being the person in charge of slaughter day (yes a country girl - who knew) and going to the indoor range with my grandpa.

Well after (too many years to count) along time I was back at it again.
I found a local shooting range and took my friend for his birthday but holy cow i love it! I also kicked his butt the first rounds.

The excitement of knowing how to shoot and shoot properly was amazing. I think I found the hubs and mine next date night - mom are you available?

I advise people to try it. It is fun, thrilling and a place of knowledge.

Disclaimer: I love guns, I believe in protecting yourself - so haters an nay Sayers keep it to yourself


  1. I love shooting too!! Getting ready to buy my 1st gun :) though my Dad collected them growing up and my husband collects them now.

  2. That scares the crap out of me. Kelly has gone once and enjoyed it, but OMG it makes me super nervous! You look so cute in all your gear!


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