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I am trying something NEW. I am taking the challenge with BODY by Vi. It was recommended to me by my new SIL sister and she is into fitness and health.

I am willing to try anything that can get me FIT and healthy.

So here it goes.

Do you want to try it too??

(FYI I was not paid for this but I am wanting to lose weight)

Body by Vi - go to the link and you can join me on this journey!!

The Body by Vi has monthly, annually and goal events and prizes.

Most of us are ALWAYS on the path of losing weight, getting firm and why not do it with other people!

So go sign up. I just paid $49 for the first month of shakes (1 a day). If anyone is a WW+ counter like me the shake is 1.7 points okay 2 points if you use water, strawberries and banana. I might add almond milk or 1% but we will see.

I am going to start with one shake a day and if I like it go to two possibly.

This is what my menu is going to look like a day

Breakfast  - Shake
AM Snack - apple and pb or banana
Lunch - greek yogurt and veggies or a thin bagel sandwich with laughing cow cheese (if I like the shakes maybe add it here)
PM Snack - banana or greek yogurt and veggies or mixed fruit
Dinner - salad, chicken, steamed veggies

I am hoping and praying to keep up with my exercise regime and FIRM up and of course get rid of about 14 lbs!!

So here it goes people (ok not really I just ordered the items but I want to get it started no later then April 1st).


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