Summer Vacation

We are in the process of booking our summer vacation. Well actually we are traveling to Chicago for my BIL wedding so we are turning it into a mini-family vacation (Shit with $1700 flights and $400 car rental it better be a vacation).

We have our rooms booked (actually a condo - thanks MIL and FIL) and we just bought our flights - damn $1700 for the four of us - ouch - yet not as bad as I thought. Now we are on the look out for someone to drive us to the airport and pick us up - any takers??? Pretty Pretty please - and oh yeah babysit the dogs and rabbit for us!!!

The car is booked as well - shit a minivan! I am not a minivan driver I am that small SUV, sedan type of mom (ok I like the big SUV's too but gas woo wee).

Not the next on our list is clothes for the wedding - I am thinking something light and airy because I hear Chicago is a Little ummm HOT that time of the year.

So vacation here we come in about 5 months haha!!! Always the planner and really this way it is paid off already so all we have to do is enjoy it!!!

I am actually beyond excited because I have never been to Chicago so this will be a real treat. Also, the kiddos are excited about the airplane ride and I am excited to see a new city!

Have you ever been to Chicago?
Any suggestions for attractions, food???

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  1. I've been to Chicago in July - it's hot but bareable! Obviously with the kiddos you HAVE to go to the Shedd Aquarium, they will love it. Navy Pier is cool too. And the shopping, oh the shopping. Bring your Visa card.


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