I have no life because I am a baseball mom...

T-ball and cheer are starting up again and what does that mean? I have no life for the next several months. {ok I am going crazy because I swear I wrote this post but I can't find it}. So pardon me if it is a repeat :)

So we live for our kids and maybe I live though my kids too. You always want the best for your kids on top of ensuring that they have more then you had. So sports it is. Our son just started t-ball again and that little dude is getting so good. He is running after the ball, he is sort of throwing the ball and he can hit! Seeing him smile and actually concentrate on a game is amazing.

It is turning this mom into a baseball mom - who knew

He also just happens to be on my brothers favorite team - the Rangers!

Take a look....

Does your life get over taken by kid activities?


  1. What a cutie! For us, it's soccer and it starts in April

  2. Awe he's such a cutie!!! I am not a baseball person or actually any kind of sports person- proud of you for embracing the sport!


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