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This weekend turned out to be an amazing one. The weather was GREAT. Sunny yet not too hot. One that didn't have a lot of plans at all. The only thing set in stone this weekend was our son's t-ball pictures (he is so dang handsome) and my FIL birthday dinner celebration. 

Friday night turned out to be a partial night to myself. We had the maid service come in (so one of us always stays with them) so the hubs took the kids to play games, do a minor grocery shopping trip and of course frozen yogurt. While they were out I was able to catch up on some work and just sit! I even got in reading a few chapters of my amazing books that I adore. Of course as soon as the maids left and the kids entered it was go go go time. We settled in to watch the 3rd Shrek movie - totally love these things. We have started sitting down as a family and trying to watch a movie all the way through with no phones, no books, no magazines JUST good ole family time (it typically takes a few nights to get a movie done). 

Saturday we woke up and lazily got ready for the day. The boy had t-ball pictures then we were off to try a new restaurant for lunch. It was a higher end pizza place and oh so yummy!! We ordered an XL for the four of us and we were able to eat three meals out of it!! SCORE for me. We also headed to the store so I could get flowers to complete my Easter centerpiece - what do you think??? 

After a short nap of the children and a bike ride for the hubs it was time for me to go tan!!! My realization of the weekend. Then we were running for dinner! We had plans for one restaurant however the wait was for ever long. We ended up going to another restaurant that sucked - this shows you it isn't the food that makes it a good time it is the people! The service was slower then molasses on a cold day and not that good either but the company was great! 

Sunday we opted out of church to spend the day with my mother, SIL so we could go hiking. Healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy souls. We hiked over 5 miles and the views were amazing. The kids and even preggo did amazing. 

On our way home from hiking and lunch we did a short trip to Sams and then I was off to buy this beauty!! I finally got my GARMIN Watch!!! The nice lady is a Marine and she has been in the service for 7 years! I thanked her several times for the item and servicing our country!! Just a nice woman!!!! 

At home we played with the kids outside - baseball, bikes and I even got in a 1 mile run with my new watch (10 minutes 14 seconds with 2 walking breaks) Not bad NOW all I have to do is improve!! 

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