Dedicated to the other man in my life

Today my brother became a husband.
Today I saw him grow up in front of my eyes.
Today I gained a new sister.
Today I was so overwhelmed with emotion.
Today my brother became a man.

I have an amazing relationship with my brother. Our life started off as a motherly type and turned into the best friend kind. We are inseparable and I am so glad he has found that "right" woman. What is right - the one that I get along with haha - no seriously! I am so close to my brother I don't think it would work with a girl that is a umm bitch (and he has had a few).

I love them both so much and I am so proud of them as well.

So here is too many more merry years.

Happy marriage brother I LOVE YOU

(See how we match - not even planned but I love it) remember I love matchy matchy

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  1. Such a beautiful day for a beautiful family! I must say I can't get your brother's "before" pictures out of my head lol. Very good looking family and I wish them much happiness! Glad you too were able to find a match in your new SIL- so important!


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