Day 2 of H E double hockey sticks

Well Well

My day started out good. All 3 of us dressed and out of the house. I was off to work and getting a lot done. I was happy and eager for a great day since yesterday was well.... blah

I met with my first client of the day and she was incredible So nice, wonderful house and great views.

As I was racing to get from my first client to the office to pick up my computer and get to my second client of the day it happened......

A rock feel from an overpass that was being worked on and hit write on my windshield and cracked it in two spots that spread like wild fire with the 90+ degree weather - seriously???

Do you want to know the kicker part?? The construction is by my past employer - really????

So Day 2 of crap and another $175 dollars I will have my windshield fixed.

Any good news you have to cheer me up people?????


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  1. Omg I'm sorry that happened. I also took a rock to my windshield driving home from Florida! Ugh.


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