A pirates life for me

Arghhhhhhh....got to love the pirates life. I found this great deal on living social for the pirate dinner show. The 7 of us bought it and booked it. We headed there ready for adventure. We where put with the blue pirate - oh lala 6 pack to die for. Anyways as we set down the food was already being served - you had the choice of 1/2 a chicken, ham or the veggie lasagna PLUS apple pie. We ate and were merry the entire time. Cheering for our blue pirate ( who won the ladies heart).

The kids enjoyed the pirate theme, the adults enjoyed the adult humor (and the view of th men). All in all we had a great time.

Take a look for yourself......


  1. oh my gosh SOOOO fun! I would love everything about this!

  2. That would be so fun! Was the food good?


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