A day in my life

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I was thinking I haven't done a DAY IN MY LIFE in a while and things are a little different (still trying to FIT it all in) but still busy and full days.  This is a typical day with a few EXTRAs thrown in there for fun (NOT)
450AM - I am waking up and checking emails, facebook and instagram - got to stay connected haha. No really it is my excuse to sit in bed for another 10 minutes and my eyes adjust to getting up.

 5 - 600 am - I am working out. I hit the elliptical, abs and arms - all in the comfort of my garage (THANK GOD I have a DVR to catch up on some shows)

6- 630 am - Shower and getting myself ready for the day
Not too cute today but my feet needed a break
Oatmeal anyone

630 - 7 - the little ones sneak in my room and that means it is GO time. We need to get me finished getting ready and the kiddos ready all at the same time. We then head downstairs to pack lunches/snacks for the day, unload the dishwasher, start a load or two of laundry and make/eat breakfast, preparing this post along with the impromptu clean up due to a broken bowl (of course it was the bowl I made at Color Me Mine - yeah that one that cost me what $100 bucks to make - memories).
broken bowl :( 
740 - 8 15 am dropping off kids at two different schools every morning and while we are driving we are study this weeks sight words - take a look at these words?? Really for a preschooler??? (click, kick, rock, quick, quilt, squint) - however with all of our driving and practice both of them are getting the words good!
off to school we go 
one of my fav past times
830 am - I actually get to my carpool spot early and enjoy a few minutes of my wonderful romance books.
sight word practice
a preschoolers word
9 - 330 - working with clients 345 - I sneaked in a tan session 415 pm - pick up the daughter (luckily the hubs has the boy today for t-ball practice) and we had to the grocery store to buy ingredients to bake for my BFF birthday. Again in the car practicing the sight words. Can anyone explain to me why my 4 year old can spell VANILLA but not VAN??? argh 5 pm - get the mail HOLY MOLY I think I have forgot the mail for awhile - a lot to go through
My little helper
Dinner is served
530 pm - start baking chocolate chip cookies and lemon brownies - and let me tell you they were tested and they are yummy. I also was preparing dinner - chicken veggie pasta with homemade "Olive Garden" knock off dressing! 615 pm - the boys arrive home just in time for the dinner to be placed on the table CHOW TIME. 7 pm - finish homework, clean up the kitchen, bills, blog writing. 8 pm - baths and shaving the legs (yes that deserved a mention) 830 - CRAP still haven't got to the bath better luck next time
9 - painting nails for outfit tomorrow and relaxing and a little reading before I pass out and start all over tomorrow. What does your day look like???? Pin It

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  1. You are a busy lady, but somehow you manage to fit it all in. I am so glad you are loving your new job! Those sight words are crazy! How did the t-ball game go?


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