A day from h e double hockey sticks

Hormones raging.
Shitting money out of my ass.
Being hacked.

Argh what a day.

I woke up to take the kids to school and take my car in before my warranty expires. A shuttle that was no where to be seen. Getting emails from friends that my email had been hacked.

A full day of work put on hold to change my password - oh wait those rat bastard hackers made it where I couldn't change my password. Why do people hack? Why ?? They also deleted ALL my contacts - personal, professional that I had for years.

Finally got "professional" help and got it taken care of yet still no contacts. If you have my number please text me and let me know who you are because seriously I only have like 4 numbers memorized.

Oh did I mention that my hormones are going crazy?? Oh yes meaning I am overly emotional. And of course the hubs can't say the right thing when I need him to - then he thinks my fav - I can't resist - chocolate is going to help - HELLO trying to get ready for my new bikini.

Then both vehicles need over $100 each of crap. Wth?? When it rains it pours and all I want is to be at the river sipping no chugging a bottle of my wild vine blackberry Merlot wine!http://www.wildvines.com/wines/blackberry.htm

To end my day I finally got to tan a whole 9 minutes to myself!

So rest assure friends I am not stranded in a foreign country but again I would love to be on a boat catching some rays! Adult trip soon please.......


  1. Booo. I hope your week gets better!

  2. This sounds like my week. Dogs at the vet, dentist for the kid and swimming pool maintenance which all means money I need to save and can't. When I find the seeds for the money tree I will send you some.!

  3. Yep...i know what you are going through. We just spent a ton to fix the 4runner for it to pass smog in Feb. We got the notice that the mazda was due for both registration & smog. Decided to put it off until March because of all the money we spend to fix the 4runner. Dang check engine light comes on in the Mazda. Got the parts this week to fix that. SAME day those parts come in the BMW breaks down. Seriously. We have 5 vehicles, and yesterday only 1 was running (with a check engine light!) So, needless to say...this is a car repair weekend.


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