Dedicated to the other man in my life

Today my brother became a husband.
Today I saw him grow up in front of my eyes.
Today I gained a new sister.
Today I was so overwhelmed with emotion.
Today my brother became a man.

I have an amazing relationship with my brother. Our life started off as a motherly type and turned into the best friend kind. We are inseparable and I am so glad he has found that "right" woman. What is right - the one that I get along with haha - no seriously! I am so close to my brother I don't think it would work with a girl that is a umm bitch (and he has had a few).

I love them both so much and I am so proud of them as well.

So here is too many more merry years.

Happy marriage brother I LOVE YOU

(See how we match - not even planned but I love it) remember I love matchy matchy

When BLOG friends become REAL Friends

On Friday I was on my way to meet my blog friend turned real life friend and I kept thinking why would she want to come meet little ole me? I have this thing where I doubt why people like me and my insecurities (yes I have them and they rare their little head sometimes).

Why is she coming to California just for me.
Is she going to like me.
Can we talk to each other.
Will it still be like normal.
Will she recognize me.

The list goes on and on.

Well I was on my way to pick up the wonderful Lindsay from Unsweetened Coco and I can't be more excited - nervous - stomach hurting - excited.

Well the moment I saw her all nervousness went right out the door - I loved her right away. She is exactly actually BETTER then I realized. Yes we talk all the time, yes we text all the time, she reads and faithfully follows my blog, instagram and vice versa but would it be real???

our first picture together! So happy

I took her to her hotel room and even though it was midnight and she had been flying for hours I didn't want to stop talking to her. But reluctantly I left too excited for the weekend to come. I swear I turned into the kid waiting for Christmas morning.

On Saturday I picked her up and we headed to breakfast - my goal for this trip was to take her to all places she didn't have at home. Corner Bakery here we come and with a 1000 calories later we were full (they don't list calories in her state but here we are all about it).

They we were off to the best manicure and pedicure EVER! Sitting with her and chatting while we got our nails and toes done - did I mention neck and arm massage too??

So pretty!!
you can't get better then that!!!

Close to two hours of pure relaxation and girl talk. I was beyond myself and we were able to talk the whole time. This girl is just amazing and too sweet for words (ok I can tell you haha). After the nails I wanted to take her to the beach. It was a little overcast but it didn't matter. The place was booming with an old car show and we ventured up to Fred's for a wonderful salad and take a look at this view!!

Smile friend!

With these views we couldn't just sit around it - we needed to embrace it. We walked to the pier for a little people watching and checking out the surf. Did anyone say Ruby's??? Well let me say I have never had a shake here buy my hubs raves about it so I couldn't deprive her of that could I? HAHA well with two shakes and two girls you can't go wrong.

Double Trouble !!!

my fav photo of us!!!

I have to tell you our first day made me think that I have know this girl FOREVER. From talking, chatting, eating, shopping (check out her new Cali shades) it was an amazing first day. NOW here is where I am a horrible friend and selfish. I kept a preggo woman out all day and made her walk everywhere - I just wanted her time here in Cali to be special and remember able because it was for me.

Now to finish off day one I took her to Lazy Dog Cafe - did you know that the races were here in Cali this weekend so what does that mean??? everything is PACKED. But you know what it didn't matter because we were able to spend more time together.

In just that one day it sealed our deal of friendship forever. When I dropped her off that night I told my husband we have to find a way that we see each other at least once a year - I am thinking her and I can meet anywhere in the middle and work our ways through this country!!!

On Sunday we were off to more relaxation  - massages!! After lunch my mother had lunch with us and then we went to see a movie - I adore her even more she hates scary movies too WOO HOO!

I feel that this girl and I have so much more to do together and if GOD had me write this blog to just meet her then I am so beyond happy.

Later that day after a little shopping we headed to dinner with my hubs and kids. It was nice for me to be able to introduce her to my fam bam. And I hope one day in the near future I get to meet hers as well.

It was a wonderful FUN packed 48 hours and I wouldn't change it for anything. I promised her I wouldn't read her post until I wrote mine so I had a deadline here people hehe!

I am so blessed to have found such a great friend through this wonderful blog world.

Here is to our next visit - when are we planning it!

Thank you Lindsay for a wonderful weekend, being such a great friend and pushing through my  defense mechanisms.

To the next time friend...........

Finish the sentence

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... real ice cream shakes and umm anything I wanted.
2. On my Prom night.... I wish I wasn't with my date.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy... things on my list.
4. Family functions typically... I generally plan them all.
5. I think my blog readers... don't really read my blogs.
6. I'd much rather be..... a rich stay home mom with the ability to shop and do what I want.
7. I have an obsession with.... reading and K and Rob relationship.
8. My work friends.... work friends?? does that happen.
9. When I created my Facebook account....i thought it was a good idea now it is too much DRAMA.
10. My least favorite word is...OKAY
11. I really don't remember....anything I have a horrible memory.
12. Justin Bieber....who???
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Date day

The hubs and I got out!

Bad movie. $20.00
Great dinner. $40.00
Shopping. $30.00
Alone time.....

The best several hours!!!
Sometime it is just the littlest things in life that make the most impact....

St Patty's Day Shot 

Irish Nachos

Take the Challenge BODY by Vi

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I am trying something NEW. I am taking the challenge with BODY by Vi. It was recommended to me by my new SIL sister and she is into fitness and health.

I am willing to try anything that can get me FIT and healthy.

So here it goes.

Do you want to try it too??

(FYI I was not paid for this but I am wanting to lose weight)

Body by Vi - go to the link and you can join me on this journey!!

The Body by Vi has monthly, annually and goal events and prizes.

Most of us are ALWAYS on the path of losing weight, getting firm and why not do it with other people!

So go sign up. I just paid $49 for the first month of shakes (1 a day). If anyone is a WW+ counter like me the shake is 1.7 points okay 2 points if you use water, strawberries and banana. I might add almond milk or 1% but we will see.

I am going to start with one shake a day and if I like it go to two possibly.

This is what my menu is going to look like a day

Breakfast  - Shake
AM Snack - apple and pb or banana
Lunch - greek yogurt and veggies or a thin bagel sandwich with laughing cow cheese (if I like the shakes maybe add it here)
PM Snack - banana or greek yogurt and veggies or mixed fruit
Dinner - salad, chicken, steamed veggies

I am hoping and praying to keep up with my exercise regime and FIRM up and of course get rid of about 14 lbs!!

So here it goes people (ok not really I just ordered the items but I want to get it started no later then April 1st).


Kindy 500

I finally got to go and hang with my little man at his school. They just finished their segment on transportation and they ended it with Kindy 500 ( like Indy 500).

They had cops there to discuss safety and the kids were able to sit on a police motorcycle - my sons fav part, sit in the back of a cop car (I told him this is the first and last time in a cop car) , they even had a mock DMV minus the lines :).

The day was so fun and to be with my boy was wonderful

Day 2 of H E double hockey sticks

Well Well

My day started out good. All 3 of us dressed and out of the house. I was off to work and getting a lot done. I was happy and eager for a great day since yesterday was well.... blah

I met with my first client of the day and she was incredible So nice, wonderful house and great views.

As I was racing to get from my first client to the office to pick up my computer and get to my second client of the day it happened......

A rock feel from an overpass that was being worked on and hit write on my windshield and cracked it in two spots that spread like wild fire with the 90+ degree weather - seriously???

Do you want to know the kicker part?? The construction is by my past employer - really????

So Day 2 of crap and another $175 dollars I will have my windshield fixed.

Any good news you have to cheer me up people?????


A day from h e double hockey sticks

Hormones raging.
Shitting money out of my ass.
Being hacked.

Argh what a day.

I woke up to take the kids to school and take my car in before my warranty expires. A shuttle that was no where to be seen. Getting emails from friends that my email had been hacked.

A full day of work put on hold to change my password - oh wait those rat bastard hackers made it where I couldn't change my password. Why do people hack? Why ?? They also deleted ALL my contacts - personal, professional that I had for years.

Finally got "professional" help and got it taken care of yet still no contacts. If you have my number please text me and let me know who you are because seriously I only have like 4 numbers memorized.

Oh did I mention that my hormones are going crazy?? Oh yes meaning I am overly emotional. And of course the hubs can't say the right thing when I need him to - then he thinks my fav - I can't resist - chocolate is going to help - HELLO trying to get ready for my new bikini.

Then both vehicles need over $100 each of crap. Wth?? When it rains it pours and all I want is to be at the river sipping no chugging a bottle of my wild vine blackberry Merlot wine!

To end my day I finally got to tan a whole 9 minutes to myself!

So rest assure friends I am not stranded in a foreign country but again I would love to be on a boat catching some rays! Adult trip soon please.......

Hiking and more...

This weekend turned out to be an amazing one. The weather was GREAT. Sunny yet not too hot. One that didn't have a lot of plans at all. The only thing set in stone this weekend was our son's t-ball pictures (he is so dang handsome) and my FIL birthday dinner celebration. 

Friday night turned out to be a partial night to myself. We had the maid service come in (so one of us always stays with them) so the hubs took the kids to play games, do a minor grocery shopping trip and of course frozen yogurt. While they were out I was able to catch up on some work and just sit! I even got in reading a few chapters of my amazing books that I adore. Of course as soon as the maids left and the kids entered it was go go go time. We settled in to watch the 3rd Shrek movie - totally love these things. We have started sitting down as a family and trying to watch a movie all the way through with no phones, no books, no magazines JUST good ole family time (it typically takes a few nights to get a movie done). 

Saturday we woke up and lazily got ready for the day. The boy had t-ball pictures then we were off to try a new restaurant for lunch. It was a higher end pizza place and oh so yummy!! We ordered an XL for the four of us and we were able to eat three meals out of it!! SCORE for me. We also headed to the store so I could get flowers to complete my Easter centerpiece - what do you think??? 

After a short nap of the children and a bike ride for the hubs it was time for me to go tan!!! My realization of the weekend. Then we were running for dinner! We had plans for one restaurant however the wait was for ever long. We ended up going to another restaurant that sucked - this shows you it isn't the food that makes it a good time it is the people! The service was slower then molasses on a cold day and not that good either but the company was great! 

Sunday we opted out of church to spend the day with my mother, SIL so we could go hiking. Healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy souls. We hiked over 5 miles and the views were amazing. The kids and even preggo did amazing. 

On our way home from hiking and lunch we did a short trip to Sams and then I was off to buy this beauty!! I finally got my GARMIN Watch!!! The nice lady is a Marine and she has been in the service for 7 years! I thanked her several times for the item and servicing our country!! Just a nice woman!!!! 

At home we played with the kids outside - baseball, bikes and I even got in a 1 mile run with my new watch (10 minutes 14 seconds with 2 walking breaks) Not bad NOW all I have to do is improve!! 

Summer Vacation

We are in the process of booking our summer vacation. Well actually we are traveling to Chicago for my BIL wedding so we are turning it into a mini-family vacation (Shit with $1700 flights and $400 car rental it better be a vacation).

We have our rooms booked (actually a condo - thanks MIL and FIL) and we just bought our flights - damn $1700 for the four of us - ouch - yet not as bad as I thought. Now we are on the look out for someone to drive us to the airport and pick us up - any takers??? Pretty Pretty please - and oh yeah babysit the dogs and rabbit for us!!!

The car is booked as well - shit a minivan! I am not a minivan driver I am that small SUV, sedan type of mom (ok I like the big SUV's too but gas woo wee).

Not the next on our list is clothes for the wedding - I am thinking something light and airy because I hear Chicago is a Little ummm HOT that time of the year.

So vacation here we come in about 5 months haha!!! Always the planner and really this way it is paid off already so all we have to do is enjoy it!!!

I am actually beyond excited because I have never been to Chicago so this will be a real treat. Also, the kiddos are excited about the airplane ride and I am excited to see a new city!

Have you ever been to Chicago?
Any suggestions for attractions, food???

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I have no life because I am a baseball mom...

T-ball and cheer are starting up again and what does that mean? I have no life for the next several months. {ok I am going crazy because I swear I wrote this post but I can't find it}. So pardon me if it is a repeat :)

So we live for our kids and maybe I live though my kids too. You always want the best for your kids on top of ensuring that they have more then you had. So sports it is. Our son just started t-ball again and that little dude is getting so good. He is running after the ball, he is sort of throwing the ball and he can hit! Seeing him smile and actually concentrate on a game is amazing.

It is turning this mom into a baseball mom - who knew

He also just happens to be on my brothers favorite team - the Rangers!

Take a look....

Does your life get over taken by kid activities?

Time to let go

I have mentioned this a time or DOZEN that if I could I would wrap my babies in bubble wrap. I love them so much and I don't want them getting hurt - but since I can't I try to keep my eyes on them at all times.

Since birth I have not taken a shower with out my babies either sitting in a bouncer outside my shower,  blankets on the floor and a DVD in. But now they are 5 1/2 and 4 1/2 and it seems that they shouldn't be by me while I am showering. So I have used the computer and tv to entertain them - they are in side and most of the time contained while I quickly shower.

Well today I worked out midday and needed a shower and it was beautiful outside - the boy begged to play in our backyard instead of watch the movie I offered up. I reluctantly said yes but left my bathroom window open and yelled for him every several minutes to see if he was okay.

Is it time to let go of this and let them be? Am I the only crazy parent that still doesn't want them out of my sight - now don't get me wrong they normally play outside while I am inside I was just worried because I was in the shower and what if he got hurt?

How do you handle this?

Am I alone on my craziness?

A pirates life for me to love the pirates life. I found this great deal on living social for the pirate dinner show. The 7 of us bought it and booked it. We headed there ready for adventure. We where put with the blue pirate - oh lala 6 pack to die for. Anyways as we set down the food was already being served - you had the choice of 1/2 a chicken, ham or the veggie lasagna PLUS apple pie. We ate and were merry the entire time. Cheering for our blue pirate ( who won the ladies heart).

The kids enjoyed the pirate theme, the adults enjoyed the adult humor (and the view of th men). All in all we had a great time.

Take a look for yourself......