We are having a .....

We are having a ....baby boy!

Well actually my brother and his fiancée are having a baby but I call this the family baby. I am beyond excited for this. My brother and I are so close and to experience this with the two of them is the best feeling.

My brother is going to be an amazing dad. I don't know if I ever mentioned this but my brother was our sons primary care giver up until our son was 8 weeks old and went to full time child care. They have an amazing bond. 

My brother is so protective of both of my kids so to see him with his own is great.
Also, there is a side of me that can't wait for especially him to experience the REAL deal with being a parent. It is hard, it is expensive and it is all on you - I truly believe this baby will be his big wake up call for what he wants for him and his growing families future.

Now back to me (haha this is my blog). Being an aunt means I can spoil and love all of the great parts without the crying, lack of sleep, weight gain or diapers. I can't wait to hold him, give him kisses and be the best aunt ever.

For our children to have a cousin that will be raised like siblings is just the way my brother and I were raised with ours cousins.

Well we are off to register for the upcoming baby shower. We will be hosting the baby shower at my house and we will be planning it with her sister as well.

Keep posted because it is going to get baby crazy around here...


  1. Oh this rocks! I can only imagine the excitement. Your brother must be a very special!


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