The Proposal

Eight years ago I answered a question that has forever changed my life. I said YES to true happiness.

The hubs and I had only been dating 5 months and it was our first valentines together. He had planned the entire weekend and wanted to surprise me  - 1st I HATE surprises. Everything was a secret and his mother knew about it. I was getting so upset about it I told him I wasn't going and wanted to break up with him {yes I really did that bitch I know}.

After his mom threatened my life that I had to go. We packed my car and off we went.

We were headed to the beach - I remember driving down there and he missed the toal [$50 dollar ticket arrived later]. We ended up pulling up to this amazing hotel in Laguna - surf and sand. Beautiful and so expensive. As we were escorted to our room it was opened and I walked into a basket of chocolate covered strawberries, wine and a cute basket.  We unpacked and took a stroll down the street.

So relaxing, romantic and peaceful. I on the other hand was a wreak. Why did I try to ruin this for us?.. Argh

Well the next night he made reservations for dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. As we were getting ready he tried to open the bottle of wine -well it kind of spilled everywhere so as I am trying to clean up we look out our window and we see dolphins jumping. I am trying to get his attention yet he is taking forever {or I thought } tying his shoes, while he is down there all of a sudden he was on one knee with this huge ring and - I don't remember any words I didn't even hear him talk I was speechless ( me?..) and finally I screamed yes.He said it took me forever to answer him and he got a little scared...

So here is to going on 8 years of bliss.

And to me that Valentine's Weekend can't be beat....


What are your thoughts? I love to read them!