Shopping and a few new outfits

I am starting to appreciate this new job thing FIRST off the shopping for new clothes is in full force. My very first day out I already found a couple cute outfits.

My first stop was Kohl's - I typically find a few cute things  - LET ME TELL YOU NOTHING this time. I tried on several outfits and they all just were not right.

With my daughter in tow I hit NEW YORK and Company (the perfect place for pants and they had BOGO 50% off) and the LOFT and my favorite Marshall's (hit and miss obviously).

Outfit #1
Black Pants ~ Black Shirts ~ Green Sweater
Total Cost $78 dollars
Red shoes I didn't get because they were too big

Outfit #2
Pants and  Shoes ~ JCPenny
$25 shoes $17 Pants
My first try at ankle pants I like them
Sweater - Christmas present

Outfit #3
Top - Loft - $27 dollars
Pants - NY and Co $40 bucks
I feel I am off to a good start and I also need to remember that this is a new place of employment and HELLO all of my current clothes are NEW to them...

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  1. Loving all 3 of those outfits esp the red pants and leopard shoes! You're too funny "my current clothes are new to them" haha- love!

  2. I love these looks. I have found some great outfits for work at Berlington Coat Factory. They had great deals on everything and the styles were really irresistible. Sometimes I can't help buy some new clothes, whether I need them or not.


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