Recap of my "jobless" week

Monday - Shopping and a full day with my BFF ----> check it out here 

Tuesday - I worked out and straightened up the house before heading to drop my car of to get serviced. I sat at the dealership for about 4 hours and searched on their free wifi, read a magazine and even over 1/2 of my new book. It was nice to just sit there - no where to go, no one to see, just peaceful time. My father in law did come and take me to lunch - it was nice for a little distraction. And to be honest I miss him. I was use to seeing him 5 days a week for almost 6 years. After my car was done (they didn't find anything wrong - wth???). I was racing for the big event... The reveal of my brother's baby (we are having a .... go check it out here)

Thursday - FILLED up my day with errands. Today I didn't feel like working out in the morning so it made my whole day blah. I headed to my  appointment. This time it was good - the last time I saw here I was going through so much with my job journey I was feeling depressed NOW I am feeling amazing. After having a great session I headed to Starbucks then another shopping spree at Nordstrom Rack to kill a little time before my hair appointment. I am trying to grow my hair out (the first time in ages). Having my hair dresser wash and blow dry my hair is the best. As soon as I win the lotto I am putting her on FULL TIME. After a relaxing moment it was go time - head to get two kids for their dental appointment - SCORE teeth in great shape. Until the next time - 6 month appointment already booked. 

Friday - it was a relaxing morning. The hubs took both kids to school and I worked out, clean out my closet and drawers while doing all of the laundry. I even got all of our tax stuff ready for our appointment.  I had a dentist appointment - all good here. Then the hubs and I took a short nap before taking our daughter for her check up to start kindergarten. 4 big shots - she did making inking the 3rd shot. Then it was off to help my brother register for their baby! Had a blast and of course I had to buy a few things. 

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