It cost him...

A LONG time ago - probably 5 months or so I asked my hubs if he could build me a nail polish rack. I found examples And shared them with him. We even wrote it on the many Honey To Do Lists around the house. Time went by and I still didn't have Anything. I was for sure there would be one under the Christmas tree - but in luck. Well finally at the end of January I was fed up of waiting and I searched Etsy. I found one I loved and it cost him big time! I pushed order and all I had to do was wait for its arrival.

After pushing ORDER I changed his to do list to just "hanging" the nail rack. 

Well my nail rack came in and the hubs told me he was tired and it could wait - WTH I already waited months. So I pouted, frowned and kissed him up and finally with a chuckle he went to hang it up. 
and look more room to add additional colors
So I went from a bin to this.....

What do you think? 


  1. Love it! I think I'm going to buy a glass apothecary jar to put mine in once I get unpacked and organized

  2. My nail polish looks just like the way your nail polish looked before you got the rack! That's so exciting to get it nice and organized! :)


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