Harley rider

I am so proud of my mother. For her birthday this year we got her the motorcycle driving course. She has wanted a Harley for some time so this was her first step. The class consists of 1 five hour classroom class and 2 five hour instructional on the bike classes.

After the first bike day she was so excited about it but so sore. For the last class they do the riding test. My brother, brothers fiancée, the hubs and kids and I went down to surprise her. We didn't want to make her nervous so we hide behind other cars.

She did so good! We were giddy for her. We got there in time to watch her do the test part. After the riding part was done the teacher passes out certifications of thee that past - she received one and was screaming and smiling we could hear her at the car.

As she was leaving we came out to her and she came running! I haven't seen her so happy before! The proudness I felt was overwhelming! I love her so much!

Way to go mom - I guess it is time to go Harley shopping.


  1. Yay!! I talked to her Saturday and she was so excited about the next day. Proud of her!!

  2. Laws your mom is gonna take over some leather chaps and become badass.


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