We attended my nieces dedication and it was so beautiful. I think she is the cutest baby ever. We attended my BIL and SIL church so we could be present for our nieces dedication.

Our kids are pros at attending Sunday school so they were eager to meet new friends and then we headed into the service,

A few things were different here - this was a satellite sermon so we watched the paster on a Big screen - that was for sure different for us. I am use to personally seeing and talking with our pastor. And the chairs were folding chairs so they were a little hard (our church is a converted movie theater - comfort all the way). However, despite the differences the worship was amazing {my BIL is part of it} and the sermon was relatable to like and touched me today.

After the sermon was over it was time for the angel to be dedicated. She is beautiful and so lucky she has amazing parents.

I am so glad we were able to be part of this special moment.

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